About Me

Hello Hello!

My name is Kathleen

and welcome to my little space in blogland.

I don't write about anything in particular.  In fact, I think it is safe to say I have the most random blog in the history of blogs.

The goal of my blog is to chronicle all the of the Places I Will Go and throw in some of the fun, sad, frustrating, exciting, and new things that will be happening in my life.

So here is a little about ME:

I am 29 years old and am a born and bred Texan.

I graduated from college with a History degree and a teaching certificate to teach grades 8-12.

Currently, I'm a full time teacher!  I teach 8th grade US History in Houston, TX!

I used to work for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL as a Guest Relations Hostess at EPCOT.

I love to read.

I love to watch movies.

I love colors- specifically shades of pink and turquoise.

I love sun dresses.

I believe I was born in the wrong era.

I am completely devoted to my friends and family.

I am a good listener, a leader, confident, and I am blonde (and I'm not just talking about my hair color).

I have not yet met the love of my life but firmly believe he is out there and just hasn't found me yet.

I apologize now for my terrible grammar.  I tend to write as if I'm talking and as a result, sometimes my writing is a little strange and probably annoying to read.
(I'll work on it, I promise)

Take a peak around and follow me as I explore all the Places I Will Go!