Currently [April]

I've said it once, I'll say it again, if there are two posts you can guarantee I'll write every month it's my book review post and a currently post.  And that's exactly what I have lined up for you!

The Weekend: Happy Easter

To say it's been an interesting two weeks since my last life update post would be an understatement.  

To make a very long and boring story short, last Saturday I woke up with a full body rash.  When I saw full body I mean FULL BODY.  It completely covered my face, neck, chest, hands, legs, stomach, get it.  It was bad.  It kept me home for five days, including three work days.  The worst of the five was Sunday and by Thursday I was cleared up enough to go back to work.  I saw two different doctors and it was decided that I must have had some type of viral axantham, which basically means a virus that manifests itself as a rash as opposed to a fever and aches.  I guess I can be thankful that I didn't feel bad but it still wasn't the most pleasant of expierences.   I literally looked like a leper from the 1800s.  I would have scared little children for sure.  Thankfully it's pretty much gone from the majority of my body, save for the sides of my arms and my upper legs.  I was told that it just has to go away so now it's a waiting game to see when it's going to completely disappear.  

So now that that is documented, lets get onto to my Easter weekend! 

Your Next Favorite Book: March Reads

It's my favorite day of the month!! Sharing the books I read throughout really is one my favorite posts to type up.  I love getting to see what everyone else read and add some new books to my TBR list!

Hello April!

HELLO APRIL!!! I am particularly excited about this month because this means we have exactly two months of school left. TWO MONTHS!  I can taste summer and it tastes so good!

I'm honestly not in the mood to make any goals for April.  So instead I'm just gonna share a lot of randomness that's been floating around in my head the last few weeks and fill you in on how I did on my March goals.  I'm going in on the fun with the What's New With You link up!

What's New With You