The Weekend

I wish every weekend was a three day weekend.  Seriously they are the best.

This was probably one of the busiest weekends I've had in a while.  Which is good, I feel like you need to have a  good mix of the lazy weekends with the busy ones.  It's been a hot minute since I've linked up for Weekending with Biana, so here I am!


Friday night was laid back and casual, I literally stayed in and watched Parenthood for the whole night.  Then went to bed early.   So I'm gonna share what I did Thursday instead.  I'm part of a book club at school and Thursday night we had out book club meeting, but this month was a little different.  Rather than read a book, we decided to do a book exchange.  We each brought a book and then read a little story where we passed the books left and right until the end of the story and whichever book ended up in front of you was yours to take home!   These were the purchased books:

I ended up taking home Lady Midnight.  It's part of the Shadow Hunter series, but I haven't read those.  Apparently it doesn't matter though so I'm excited to read it!


Saturday morning was laid back.  I slept in a little and then got up and cleaned.  Then spent some quality time with my new Erin Condren planner.  I bought one of her planners two years ago and used it constantly.  Then last year I opted out of buying it and I never used any of the planners I bought throughout the year.  So I feel like that says something about the Erin Condren ones.  At least to me anyway!  Plus look how pretty it is!!! 

Saturday afternoon was spent at a baby shower for my friend Arielle.  She and her hubby are expecting a baby boy next month.  The decor was adorable and I am kicking myself not having snapped a picture of anything.  The decor was great, the food was good, and the games were fun!  All in all a great shower!


Sunday was another super relaxing morning.  I love mornings in my apartment.  There is a ton of natural light and my apartment as really come a long way since I moved in back in August.  I've had so much fun finding the perfect little pieces to make it feel complete.  And I finally feel like it's pretty much good to go! 

Sunday afternoon was spent having a tasty sushi lunch with Jenny and then.....going on an afternoon coffee date.  I haven't mentioned this yet, but I joined at the beginning of the year.  So far I've been on two dates with two different guys.  I have a full post planned for this so I'm not going to go into a ton of details now.  But I am really trying to put myself out there and so far I think I'm doing a good job!  

The rest of Sunday was spent watching the last 35 seconds of the Cowboy game and, of course, Parenthood. 


I'm not kidding when I say 3 day weekends should happen all the time.  I am not feeling my job at all right now and so I am so looking forward to any and all days off we have.  I had planned on doing a little car shopping yesterday but that didn't end up happening.  Instead I had a fairly relaxing day at home.  The highlight was officially booking a cruise with some of my best friends for this summer!  Monday ended with cooking my first meal from Hello Fresh and the Bachelor!  

I plan on reviewing all the meals I get from them for this week.  Expect that next week, after I've made all the meals! :)  Last night's meal was hearty steak and potatoes.  It was my first time cooking steak that was interesting.  If you follow me on Snapchat then you got to see the process.

And that's a wrap for my long weekend.  Now it's time to tackle the week.  Which I am dreading! But thankfully we only have 3 more days till the next one! :)


  1. oh the book exchange is such a good idea! i haven't read lady midnight, i thought it was on its own. i'm almost finished the shadowhunter series.. i started it 10 years ago, seriously.
    i love your apartment - so pretty!
    i tried hello fresh.. it was a big fat flop and i hated all the meals haha.

  2. That's so awesome that y'all did a book exchange with your book club! I love the Shadow Hunters series, and think that you should give them a whirl, especially since we tend to have the same taste in books. Your Hello Fresh snaps were so funny! I have to admit I'm not much of a cook either, so I know that I would have been thinking a lot of the same things that you were! I feel like we have so much to catch up on, which is why I'm so excited to see you twice this weekend!

  3. A book exchange sounds like so much fun, glad you got a great new book out of it! I've been wanting to read Where'd Ya Go, Bernadette, so officially adding that to my list of books to read. Sometimes at parties I am the worst at taking pictures, especially if you are just trying to have fun and soak it all in. Your apartment looks fab and all the little pieces you have work so well for the room! Oh my I can't wait to hear more about your dates and how you are enjoying recommend when you are feeling down about it, to just stick it out, if I hadn't I wouldn't have met my husband! Any tips you need let me know :)!


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