Currently: October

Well if there are two posts you can guarantee I'll write every month, it's my book review post and the currently post.  Which is exactly what I'm bring to you today!

So I am....

Reading..... The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh.  So far I'm really enjoying the sequel to The Wrath and the Dawn.  But I've had a slow reading month.  I'm hoping to make a dent once the weekend rolls around though! 

Watching....ALL THE SHOWS.  Seriously my  DVR is packed.  Also I started watching Miss Fletchers Murder Mysteries on Netflix at the suggestion of Kristen.  Y'all, she's right.  It's so good.  The clothes, the stories, the characters, oh and the accents!  Perfection! Thanks Kristen! :) wear the new booties I bought at TJ Maxx every single day.  I found them this weekend and they are perfect.  I got super lucky and spotted them as soon as I walked into TJ Maxx on Saturday. I especially love the way they went with this cranberry dress I bought at Marshall's a few weekends back.

Thinking about.....going to Graduate school.  I've been thinking about it a lot lately and even started looking into schools and programs.  I'm trying to find the right fit right now.  I would be getting my Masters of Arts in History.  I love history so it's what makes the most sense.  Plus I have no desire to be an assistant principal nor a principal but I wouldn't mind one day teaching at a community college or maybe getting a job that is outside of education.  Anyway, I think getting my Masters is the next logical step.  But I'll definitely be writing about it once I figure everything out! :)

Feeling....happy.  Jenny and I had the best evening yesterday.  We went and got mani/pedis and then had a yummy dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Katy.  This past weekend we had Jenny's Houston wedding shower and it was pretty perfect if you ask me!  It was a brunch theme with tasty food and pretty decor!  Can't wait to stand by her side as she gets married next month!

Looking forward to....weddings and babies and Disney and 2017 and my birthday.  Which isn't until March but hey we're basically in November and that means March is only 4 months away.  WOO HOO!

Loving....Fall flowers.  Trader Joe's has been my go to for fall bouquets this year and man are they gorgeous.  Plus they are SO CHEAP!!! I bought a few different bouquets for Jenny's bridal shower last weekend and they are currently gracing my apartment.  I don't know about y'all but I cannot say enough about the effect fresh flowers have on the over all feel and look of an apartment.  They are literally the best decor you can have.

Needing....more pots and pans.  I currently have 1 good pan and 1 good pot.  I need a pan with a lid though for sure.  (Jeez I'm old)

Well that's a wrap for now.  Happy Wednesday Friends! :)


  1. What a fun weekend with your friend to celebrate her upcoming wedding! I have The Rose & The Dagger on my iPad right now from the library and I'm SO excited to start reading it. Those booties are so cute and I'm obsessed with your dress too!

  2. Love that you guys had a great girls night! Good luck with grad school--it's a big undertaking but such a huge accomplishment when you're done!

  3. I love those booties! I had no idea TJ Maxx had such cute shoes. I'm totally going this weekend to see if there's any cute boots at the one near me :)

    I love these "currently" posts that bloggers do! I love reading about all the things going on in your life! How exciting! :) I just started following your blog on bloglovin and I'm obsessed<3 I would love a follow back!

    xo Nicole

  4. I seriously can't believe that the year is almost over and it's almost time for our birthdays again! It just seems like yesterday that we were taking pictures at all of the Houston murals for our birthdays! I'm thinking that we need to do that again soon! Those booties that you found are too cute, and that's so exciting about graduate school! It would definitely be a great opportunity for you in the future! P.S. I love your hair wavy like that, and we need to do dinner again soon!

  5. i've had a slow reading month as well, but because i can't stop won't stop watching miss fisher. haha. i hope you love The Rose and the Dagger though, i did! i am so glad you're loving miss fisher as much as me! good luck with doing what you need to do to get your masters!

  6. I'm obsessed with that cranberry dress you're wearing! I love a good fall dress!

  7. Love that dress and bootie combo, so perfect for Fall even though Houston doesn't have Fall temps lol. Yay for possibly starting grad school, exciting stuff! A brunch themed shower sounds so fun! Nothing better than fresh flowers to decorate a space! I would try TJ Maxx or HomeGoods for pots/pans, I've lucked out and found high quality ones there, for cheap cheap cheap too!

  8. I love your booties and dress! Such a pretty color on you!

    As far grad school, I say go for it! I got my MLS degree and it was a lot of work but the two years flew by! It's not so bad.

  9. This weekend I just made some stew that required me to split it between two containers, because I didn't have one large enough, so I am totally with you on needing more pots and pans!

  10. Trader Joe's has the best flowers! Those booties are adorable and I love the color of the dress. You have such a fun year ahead of you!!


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