The Weekend

Another weekend gone and another weekend closer to summer vacation! We are officially 18 school days and 3 weekends away from summer vacation.  Whoop whoop!

Alrighty on to my most recent weekend.  Lemme just say it was pretty great!  Chalk full of fun stuff and even some relaxing down time too! :)

Here were the highlights:


- Found out that my official move in date for my new apartment will be July 20th.  BAH! It's so exciting.  That will give me 11 days to move all my stuff over from the house to the apartment.  

- Watched The Godfather Saga.  I've never actually seen The Godfather and there was nothing else on (after I watched the Amazing Race) so I figured meh why not!  I didn't finish the whole thing because I fell asleep at around 1:00am.  It still had 2 hours to go after that, but this grandma couldn't hang. So yeah.


- Lovely morning FaceTime session with my bestie Abby.  She told me all about her day romping around Disneyland with Heidi Klum.  You know, no big deal.  She's a VIP Tour Guide at Disneyland and has showed several pretty neat celebs around the parks.  Needless to say I was pretty jealous.  While she was doing that on Friday I was trying to convince a bunch of 8th graders to take the state Social Studies test they have to take on Thursday seriously.  

- My Colour Pop order finally came in!!  Sadly I was only happy with one of the colors I ordered.  I just do not look good in nude colors.  However I LOVED the red, it's called London Fog.  If you follow me on Snapchat, which you should b (Kalady88) then you saw what it looks like!  It's the perfect deep red shade and the color really does last for several hours!  I already have my eye one tow other colors that are more my shade and I can't wait to order them.

(These are 3 of my current favorite make up products:  Maybelline Master Contour kit (you know till I get really good at it and then invest in the Kat Von D Contour Kit!) NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette, Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip Stick in London Fog)

- Had a girls night/movie night with Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders.  We had a yummy pasta dinner that Ashley made, we had a tasty Rose and we watched a movie (How To Be Single, it was ok, glad I didn't see it in theaters) in her AMAZING theatre room.  Seriously it was like being in a real movie theatre.  Well done Chris and Ashley.  

PS. I'm serious about dog/house sitting on y'alls next weekend away! ; ) 


- Chatted with my wonderful Momma and wished her a happy Mother's Day!  I am so lucky to call her Mom! :)

- Spent the afternoon at the movies with my friend Katie. We saw Captain American: Civil War.  I LOVED IT!! It was so neat seeing all the super hero's come together like that, even if they were fighting each other rather than working together.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  

- Mani/pedi with the roommate.  Her mom's birthday gift to me was a pedicure and we went and cashed that in! I hadn't had one since February so it was much needed! 

- Was very healthy and had Mcdonald's for dinner.  I had a craving for their fries.

- Ended the night with Game of Thrones!! I am absolutely love this season so far.  I especially like Bran's storyline, which surprises me because I thought I would hate it.  But I love getting to see the past!  We're finally going to learn some BIG stuff I think and I cannot wait!! 


Yes, I was very pleased with my weekend! :)  The next 3 weeks are going to fly by!  I have some fun stuff coming up so the was my last relaxing and laid back weekend!  At least until summer! 

Have a great Monday friends!  Linking up with Biana!


  1. We saw the Captain America movie this weekend, too--I thought it was really good as well. What a fun spin on a super hero movie, right?
    Yay for finally having your movie in date, and for blates with friends!!

  2. That NYX color correcting palette looks really good!! I saw that the how to be single movie already came out - did not play too long in theaters lol! So glad you had a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You had so much fun girls time this weekend, and I'm glad that you got to spend some of that with me! Hooray for watching the Godfather! It's such a good and classic movie that you have to watch it at some point in time! GOT!!!!! They just keep on getting better and better after the season premiere! I can't wait to see what else we learn through Bran's visions!

  4. What a fun weekend girl! Loved that we both got our Colourpop orders in, bummer about the nudes, but I was going back and forth about London Fog and will now be getting it in my next order! Glad you got to spend time with girlfriends, I want to see Captain America, I've heard so many good things!! I couldn't find the NYX correcting palette at my local Ulta, may need to check another one or online :)!

  5. i have learned i don't look good in a lot of lip colours lol. i found my favourite/holy grail and i won't budge from it, i wear it everywhere to everything. it is a nude, but it has a pink tinge to it. love it. the london fog was amazing on you though. yay for moving day and girls nights! good to know about that movie, i was waiting for dvd because it didn't look the best. i know i'm in the minority but i am not a fan of rebel wilson.


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