The Weekend

After a fun fulfilled weekend it's back to the grind.  Thankfully it's test week and that means a fairly easy week for me!  And there are only 37 school days of school left. Woah, I just calculated that like 5 times to make sure I was right...but I am.  We have 37 actual school days left until summer vacation.  I'm actually not counting weekend since those don't count.  :)

Anywho, the weekend was a good one.  And I'll prove it by sharing the highlights! :)


My friend Laura got into town around 2:30, so I pretty much left school right when the bell rang to come and meet her at my house.  We had a super relaxing night in.  I made a tasty pasta dish - Tuscan Chicken Pasta (you can find the recipe here).  For dessert I took her to Proud Pie, a trendy little pie shop here in Katy.  And then we came home and caught up and watched Friends before calling it a night.

Saturday was the day of the big book conference.  I first mentioned we'd be going to it here.  But to give a short refresh...I went to the Books Are Bigger in Texas book con with Laura.  She's a big fan of romance novels but didn't want to go to the conference alone so I went with her.  And I have to say..I was slightly disappointed.  I was expecting a lot more raunch from a romance novel book convention and it was VERY tame.

There were about 75 authors present and they each had a table set up with various copies of their books.  Some had some swag to give out and others just had their books.  We had early admission tickets so we were able to get into the convention one hour before general admission.  Laura went around and talked to some of her favorite authors, got them to sign her books, and took a picture with each other them.  And that was it.  There was regular old radio music being played in the background and the only decor was what was provided by each of the authors for the respective tables.  

I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly but it was def more than what we experienced.  I think the raunchiest thing we encountered was author or who had penis shaped sweet tart candies and condoms at her table.  So we snagged some of those (the penis shaped sweet tarts not the condoms) and moved along.  (If you follow me on Snapchat, which you should be, Kalady88, then you saw the candy)

We ended up chatting with a few other authors and then decided we were hungry so we left.  Laura had a great time and loved every minute of it, which was the most important thing!  Then we went to the Woodlands Mall for some Chick-fil-a and a bit of shopping before heading back to Houston.  I found the cutest mugs in Anthropologie and I had to have them.

That night we had dinner with her cousins.  Once we were back at my place we watched A Knight's Tale because Laura had only seen it once and claimed she didn't like it.  Which I found impossible to believe and so I made her watch it again.  She loved it of course.  No idea what she had been thinking the first time around! 


Laura stuck around until the early afternoon and we had a delightfully lazy Sunday morning, filled with coffee, bagels, and some last minute chit chat.  

Once she left I got down to business with some blogging.  I'm super excited to be attending the Perform on Pinterest Workshop this June and so I did the homework our lovely workshop creators, Meg from Meg O. On the Go and Channing and Michelle from Mom's Without Answers, assigned us.  I'm having a bit of trouble with part of it....I have to set up my blog for Rich Pins and I'm following the steps from the tutorial they sent us, but it's just not working for some reason.  Luckily I have time to get it all sorted out before the workshop!  

To end my Sunday I went to dinner with my friend Ashtyn (I officially said adios to No-pril) and had a nice little catch up session with her over some very tasty macaroni and cheese from the Macaroni House, also here in Katy.  She was super sweet and brought me some belated birthday flowers.  

Then it was back home for some laundry, finishing up my current read (finally) and then bed!  

OHHH  one other major highlight was seeing the official teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and y'all.....IT WAS AMAZING!!!! So good that I have to share it here.  Watch it.  It looks so GOOD!!!!!!!!


I really had a great weekend!  Now here's to hoping I have an equally good week.  Linking up with Biana


  1. Bummer that the book conference didn't live up to your expectations more. I hate when that happens. Glad that you had someone to go through it all with though :)

  2. Haha I'd probably expect the same things as you from the conference so I'd be bummed too!! Sounds like a pretty fun weekend - with lots of good food and friends! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That conference does not sound like what you think it should be! It's great your friend still had fun. Sounds like it was a really fun weekend with lots of quality girl time.

  4. Bummer the conference wasn't as fun as you expected!!

  5. Stripes and chambray are a great look for you, Kathleen! So cute in that picture :)

    Bummer about the conference...I'm glad the rest of your weekend was fun! CHEERS TO 37 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! I haven't counted mine out yet (private school), but OMG summer is near!!!!

    Happy Monday ;)

  6. I'm with you and definitely would have expected a lot more raunchiness from an adult book con! At least y'all had a good time and got to spend lots of time together! I'm so glad that you made her rewatch A Knight's Tale! It's Heath Ledger, how could she have not liked it the first time around! I'm so jealous that you're getting to go to the Pinterest workshop! I would totally be going, but it's Chris's birthday party weekend and we'll have family in town :( Lame!

  7. Darn about the book conference, your snaps were least your friend had a good time! I love the Woodlands Mall, and I have that Anthro mug, I love it! I so wish I was in Houston for the Perform on Pinterest workshop, hope you get that assignment figured out! Happy Monday!

  8. HAHA I would have expected the same from a romance conference...! Shame but at least your friend had a good time!! That Anthro mug is too cute!!

  9. oh that sucks it wasn't as raunchy as you expected. i had to laugh at the sweet tarts! hilarious. i'd love to go to a bigger book conference one day and be surrounded by other bookworms. i'd feel so normal haha. that little austen book is so cute, as is that mug.

  10. Oh hey! I got you that little Jane Austen book :)


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