The Weekend

It's Monday and it's Spring Break!  Which means I am currently on my couch, in my PJs, drinking coffee and either watching the Today Show or reading blogs.  Most likely I'm reading blogs with the TV on in the background with my coffee right next to me.  Either way I'm not at work and so it's gonna be a good day.

The weekend passed pretty slowly for once.  Either that was due to the fact that I knew I didn't have work on Monday or because I literally did as little as possible all weekend long.

Let me prove it to were the highlights:

- Happy Hour Friday afternoon with my fellow teachers to celebrate Spring Break.

- Found this pretty new wallpaper for my phone.  I'm obsessed with both:

                                         (via)                                                                        (via)

- Watched the Amazing Race and wished for the thousandth time that I was on the show.

- Had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast.  {Confession: sometimes I eat this for dessert and dinner}

- Stayed in my PJs ALL DAY LONG.  

- Finished The Memory Keepers Daughter....expect the review at the end of the month for the new blogger book club I'm part of - Beyond Words: A Bloggers Book Club.  Heads was just ok in my humble opinion.

- Watched the Sex and the City marathon that was on E! pretty much all day.  It was the last season and went straight into the movie after the series finale.

- Ordered way to much Chinese food for one person.  But hey...that's what left overs are for!

- Finally made good progress on House of Cards....WOAH.  I'm not done yet, but this season is CRAZY and I'm loving it.

- Pretty much ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's Salted Caramel Core ice cream.

-Wished I was at Disney World.  The Flower and Garden Festival just kicked off at Epcot and Saturday was the perfect day to stroll around the World Showcase.  A friend from Florida was there and sent me this picture on Facebook.  So of course I Instagramed it! :)
- OVERSLEPT...thank you Spring forward.  Seriously I slept in until like 10:20.  I can't tell you the last time I self that late.  I didn't like.  I felt groggy and weird when I woke up.

- Actually got dressed and washed my hair.

- Went shopping for the week and purchased not one, but TWO bouquets of flowers.  Because 1. It's spring and 2. It's my birthday week so I wanted some fresh blooms in the house! :)

- Blogged my little heart out.

- Cleaned up the house and lite some of my favorite candles so it smelled delightful the entire day.

- Watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  I forget how much I like that movie.  It's hilarious.

- Read more of my next book: Heir of Fire, book 3 in the Throne of Glass series.

- Wrapped up the night watching Girls and then more House of Cards!


Well there ya have it.  My very uneventful weekend.  But ya know, it's was pretty damn good nonetheless.

Now I'm off to enjoy the real first day of Spring Break!

Happy Monday! Linking up with Biana.


  1. So envious of your Spring Break! Mine is right around the corner and I can't wait! Loving those blooms you got--you totally deserve it on your birthday week! Happy early birthday, fellow March baby! :)

  2. I overslept yesterday too...and this morning if I'm being honest, lol!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. Oh my gosh a little jealous of your current spring break!! Loving those beautiful flowers and the new phone wallpaper - so springy! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. sounds like the perfect weekend! i am so jealous of your spring break, sigh. oooh hope you are liking heir of fire! i can't wait to read more of your thoughts on the memory keeper's daughter. i read it several years ago, and i was much younger (obviously), but like mentally as well, and i think my thoughts would be different now vs back then. i remember it made me feel lots of feels, and i remember the overall theme of the book but i don't remember little details.
    omg i freaking love robin hood men in tights!! such a fabulous movie.

  5. At least you washed your hair on Sunday, I'm embarrassed to admit that hair washing did not happen this weekend, unless you count Dart's lol! It sounds like you had a perfect start to your Spring Break, and I'm extremely jealous that you're off this whole week! Although, traffic was pretty nice this morning, so I guess that's the plus side! I'm only about a third of the way through The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and I'm thinking that it might take me a while to finish. It was kind of slow starting off, but I'll have to wait and see!

  6. Jealous of your spring break! Definitely the best thing to celebrate with a little happy hour! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome weekend! Any weekend with a day spent in pajamas and Chinese food is a winner in my book! And yes, it was the perfect weather on Sat to go to Epcot, so nice out here! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. I LOVE having cereal for dessert haha!

  8. Sounds like quite the busy weekend girl! That wallpaper is so pretty, I downloaded it, who can't use more floral in their life. I totally want to be on the Amazing Race too! HoC is sooo good this season I'm about half way through and it's more interesting than season 3! I'd totally go back to Disney, my cousin is there right now and her snaps are making me jealous! Have a fab birthday/spring break week!!

  9. Lazy days are sometimes the best days! YAY for Spring Break! I hope you have a great week :)

  10. I am so jealous of your spring break! Adults need spring break way more than students! Looks like you're making the most of it!

    I'm HATING The Memory Keeper's Daughter so I'm anxious to read your review! I should finish it tomorrow. We'll see!

  11. Sounds perfect! That Cinnamon Toast Crunch 😍 I didn't even know I missed that until I saw your picture! Also I love ordering Chinese food for one (and way too much to meet the delivery minimum) I used to do it in Houston all the time. I have a week and a half until our school holidays and with good Friday and a day off for the scan, I only teach three days next week. I can't wait to have a break just like yours, eat, sleep and binge watching.

  12. Your weekends seriously sound like the best. Also. Should you ever be looking for someone to go to Disney World with, please let me know. K thanks.


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