Oh Hey Friday {Spring Break Edition}

Well friends I made it!!  At 3:10 today I will officially be on Spring Break and I could not be more excited.  In honor of this, I have decided to dedicate this weeks Oh Hey Friday, to the 5 things I'm most looking forward to during Spring Break!

[one] Alamo Draft House's free movies for teachers.  Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theatre in Texas that was basically the first "dine-in" theatre out there.  It's also know for being kinda.....eclectic?  I guess that's the right word.  Any who, last Spring Break they offered FREE movies to all teachers, as long as you brought your teacher ID.  And they're doing it again this year!  Don't be surprised if I tell you that I've seen 5 new releases by the time Spring Break is over...all for FREE!!!

[two] Reading all the books.  Here is my book line up for the week:
        - The Memory Keeper Daughter by Kim Edwards - I'm almost done with this actually.
        - Heir of Fire by Sarah Mass - 3rd book in the Throne of Glass series.
        - The Siren by Kiara Cass
        - You by Carolina Kepnes

Yes I fully intend to get through all of these, because other than for food, the movies, and the obligatory trip to Target, I do not intend on the leaving the house.  Because if I leave the house I will spend money and that cannot happen. So there ya go.

[three] Watching House of Cards.  Yep, still haven't done this.  I watched the first episode and that's it.  I'm tired of waiting so I will be binging this one day next week.

[four] Getting some Spring Cleaning done.  I plan to get rid of bunch of crap I don't want to take with me to the new apartment too.  I've got so much stuff that I just don't need, it's time to donate and trash it.  And what better time to "spring clean" than during "spring break".

[five] Turning 28!!!!  Yep!  My birthday is one week from today! We have a little birthday dinner planned at Taste of Texas, as yummy steak house in Houston that night.  I have some fun birthday themed posts for next week so be sure to come back next week! :)

Ok friends, that's all till Monday!  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff planned for spring break, the free movies thing is awesome I would most definitely take advantage of that too!! And yay for birthdays! Happy Friday!

  2. Lots of fun stuff ahead for you next week! Our Spring Break is the week after yours and I'm very much looking forward to it.

  3. I'm so jealous that you'll be on Spring Break next week, but from what you told me, you definitely need the time away! That's so awesome that Alamo Drafthouse offers free movie screenings to teachers! I can't wait to hear all about the movies that you see, and all of the books that you're going to read next week! Hopefully you'll get the chance to watch House of Cards next week too! It's such a good show!

  4. Have the best week ever! Go see all of the movies!

  5. Happy Almost Birthday! How are you liking The Memory Keeper's Daughter??

  6. how awesome that your birthday is during spring break. it's like a break just for you!


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