The Weekend

You would think I would be used to Monday's by now but I have a feeling I will hate Monday's for the rest of my life.  Unless of course it's summer then Monday's are acceptable.

Well my Valentine's Day weekend wasn't anything special.  But it was till enjoyable.

Here were the highlights!


- I had the best surprise on Friday.  Bare with me because this is a bit of a story.  During 4th period one of the student aids delivered a beautiful arrangement of flowers to me.  The star of the bouquets was these gorgeous purple orchids.  Immediately the kids started using who they were from but when I pulled out the card to read who they were from I got quite a surprise.

The note wasn't signed.  All it had was this quote, "The business of life is the acquisition of memories." ????  And for the rest of the day I would wonder who sent them.  It was really fun trying to determine who the sender was and my friends (as well as my students) had a good time guessing who the mystery person was.  I knew it was someone who knew me pretty well and was at least a friend because after Jenny suggested I Google the quote I figured out that the sender knew I was a Downton Abbey fan.  The quote is something Mr. Carson says.  

Anyway, I finally found out who sent them that evening when my friend Andy, who I've known for a few years now, sent me a text revealing that he had sent them.  Andy is from England and we worked together at a summer camp in 2008.  We recently reconnected and he sent them because we remembered me saying that most of my friends were either married or seeing someone and he thought I would like them.  BOY do I!  He did assure me that he wasn't declaring his undying love for  me and thus why he sent orchids and not like roses.  Needless to say it was a very good Friday! :)

- Received a few little gifts from my students.  My favorite being box of Hershey's chocolates paired with a nice letter with a teacher inspired "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" poem.

- Watched the first episode of the new season of The Amazing Race!  WOO HOO!


-Had the laziest of lazy days a person can have.  Seriously.  I pretty much laid on the couch all day long and only got up to go to the bathroom and eat.  I did make one trip out of the house and that's because the cats needed food and I wanted ice cream.  

- Watched The Martian.  I had been wanting to see this when it was in theaters but didn't and it showed up on my On Demand menu and I had ice cream ready and waiting to be eaten while I watched it.  Really enjoyed the movie.   I can see why it has so many nominations this year!

I don't even have any pictures to show for Saturday.  That's how lazy I was. (And I loved every minute of it.)


-Breakfast in bed was a must in honor of Valentine's Day.

- Watched The Wedding Date while I cleaned up the house.  This is one of my favorite movies but I have to say I HATE Debra Messing in this movie.  She is so annoying.  Nut the storyline is fun and it's set in England.  But her character is stupid.

- Showered and dressed for the day.  Since I had been so lazy the day before I was in the mood for some curls.

- Took myself to the movies.  I saw Spotlight.  Which was phenomenal.  The movie was very well done, especially the acting.  It 100% has my vote for Best Picture and possibly best Screenplay.  But of course Best Actor should be Leo, no questions asked.  

- Went for a quick little browse around Home Goods and Target.  I'm at Home Goods pretty much every weekend searching for furniture.  I even downloaded their app.  Each HomeGoods store uploads items that are currently in the store and if you create an account you can like and even hold items you have your eye on.  SO COOL right!  I haven't found anything worth putting on hold yet but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

See quite an enjoyable little Valentine's Day weekend.  And now the countdown to Friday begins! :)
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  1. I was just thinking this morning that waking up should get easier at some point in life, but lolnope! Especially on Mondays! So sweet of your friend to send you surprise flowers!

  2. Your Saturday sounds absolutely amazing, and I love that you did absolutely nothing! I need one of those days right about now! That's so sweet that your friend sent you flowers anonymously! I know that would have made my day very good! And your breakfast in bed looks delicious! I think that I should demand one of those sometime soon!

  3. What a nice gesture to send you those flowers!! How sweet!

  4. aw how nice of your friend to send you flowers! so sweet. so glad you liked the martian, have you read the book, i forget? i have not heard of spotlight, i will have to look into it. those chocolates and your breakfast in bed look so good (as i am trying to finish my piece of fruit.. stupid diet lol)

  5. It sounds like you had a great weekend to me. Your flowers are gorgeous! Orchids are my favorite flowers, they are all over my house. I didn't do anything today, like at all. I watched a movie with the guy I'm seeing last night but that's about it, hah.

  6. First of all. That flowers story. Awesome. Also. What I would do to live near a Home Goods. My wallet is probably pretty thankful though. Sounds like a good weekend!


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