The Weekend

It's February.  I'm sorry what?  I'm gonna time to slow the heck down.   Wait I take that back, I need the next two weeks to fly by and THEN I'm gonna need time to slow down.  (Basketball is officially over in two weeks!)  

So the last weekend in January was probably the busiest weekend I've had then entire month.  And we had the BEST WEATHER EVER!  Seriously it was in the 70s all weekend and the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.  It was perfect.

Here were the rest of the highlights:


-Fairly uneventful save for dinner that night.  I had some very tasty Tortilla Soup at a local Mexican food restaurant called Ruthies.

- I officially registered for the Thrive Blog Conference!  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this conference.  I've heard/read nothing but amazing things about it from other bloggers and I feel like it is going to be exactly what I need to help get my little ole blog to the next level!  Or at least help me figure out what the next level even is! :)

(PS. If anyone has any tips for getting blog business cards done, I would love you forever!)


-Pretty much all of Saturday was spent at a Social Studies Conference learning some new strategies and lessons to use in my classes.  I got some pretty good ideas too!  Oh and I met one of my teaching heroes!  Her name is Aggie and she blogs over at Weird is Cool in Middle School and she teaches in a district here in Houston.  I went and introduced myself since I've used a bunch of her suggestions in my own classroom.  I'm sure I embarrassed myself just a tad but I was so excited to meet her that I didn't even care! 

- Went for a manicure at my favorite nail salon.  I have been going to the same lady for a few months and she is the best.  You can see a glimpse of my mani in the next picture!

- Went on a date.  Yes, I went on another date with a guy I met online.  We had a good time but sadly there was just no chemistry.  We laughed a lot and had no trouble talking but it was like talking to a good friend and no sparks.  Dating is the worst.


 - Had a nice leisurely morning with coffee in bed.  As I laid there I watched the SAG Awards (the Screen Actors Guild Awards for those of you aren't as award season obsessed as I am) which I had recorded since I missed it Saturday night.  Leo finally won!!   He's been nominated for a SAG nine times and has never won.  I think this is a very good sign!!

- Went to a new church.  So far I've done horribly in my goal to attend church more.  Everyone was very nice and the service was  very well done.  I think I need to attend it a few more times to see if it's the right fit for me though.

- Had a blate with Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders.  This was by far the very best part of the weekend!  I've been reading Ashley's blog for about a year now.  She and her husband live in the same suburb of Houston as I do so it was very easy for us to get together.  We met for lunch at a fun restaurant called Dish Society.  All of their foods are made with ingredients from local farms around the city and surrounding areas.  We were both very happy with our respective meals and we even enjoyed a Prickly Pear Mimosa.

We sat and chatted about any and everything for about two hours.  It was so fantastic talking to someone about the blog world.  We both agreed that it's totally different talking to fellow bloggers about blogging than talking to someone who doesn't blog about it (ie. her hubby and my non blogger friends).  

After lunch we wandered over to Sephora to browser.  She helped me pick out a few items that I had been needing like blush, under-eye concealer,  and some finishing powder.  When we checked out the funniest thing happened.  We ended up spending the exact same amount of money on our items!  And we bought completely different things too!  It was the exact same literally down to the penny.  So funny.  

We had the best time and have even already planned the next time we're going to hang out!

-Watched Grease Live!  I've always been a Grease fan.  I even played Sandy in Middle School (even though I was too shy to play the "sexy" Sandy in the end).  So I wanted to check it out.  I'm not a huge fan of these live performances that have been so popular recently but I have to say, I didn't hate this one!  I watched the whole thing!


See busy busy weekend!  But so much fun!  Here's to hoping my weekends in February can live up to this one.  I have a feeling they will be! Here's to February! :)

Have a great Monday friends!

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  1. I love blates! Sounds like you definitely had some high points to the weekend! I can't believe it's February either...where did January go?

  2. Yay for the conference!! That will be so fun!

  3. Such a fun weekend! Love the meetup with Ashley!! Such a treat and I really enjoyed Grease live! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Such a fun weekend! I'll have to check out Ashley's blog! I loved Grease! I played Marty in high school!

  5. I can't believe how long it took us to both try Dish Society, but I'm so glad that we were able to try it out together! And I still think it's hilarious that we spent the exact same amount of money at Sephora, just on different things! And I seriously can't wait until our next blate! We're going to have so much fun exploring!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! Such exciting news about the blog conference!

  7. I feel like you did more things in one weekend then I normally do in a month. Is it weird that I'm kinda jealous about the social studies conference. My dream job is teaching 7th grade Texas History, social studies is my fave!

  8. oh what a fun weekend - your all's blate looks super fun. i didn't end up watching the grease live thing because i'm not normally a fan either, but i think i'll watch it somehow later. that sucks about your date, hope the next one / guy is better :)

  9. Blog dates are so much fun! It's crazy how it feels like you're with a long lost best friend, but it's really your first time meeting :) That conference sounds amazing, too!


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