The Weekend

Why? Because it's the last week of school before Winter Break!!! 

I seriously am in awe of the fact that we are 1 week away from Christmas break.  Where the hell has time gone?  Before you know it, I'm gonna be talking about how it's the last week of school before summer break! (6 months and counting!)

Alrighty, on to the weekend.  Overall it was a good one.  Here were the highlights:


- Put the finishing touches on our Christmas tree!  (Actually this may have been done Thursday night.  Oh well)  I've been afraid of Brady thinking the Christmas tree is a jungle gym and so I had been putting off decorating it with ornaments just in case.  Especially since I put a few of my breakable ones from Europe up.  Be sure to come back tomorrow because I'm showing those babies off in their very own post!)  There should be a ton more but I decided to be cautious this year.

- Went to the CJH Christmas Party! The whole event was coordinated by Jenny!  She put together such a fun night for all of us.  There was food, laughter, great conversations, and bowling!  We all had a fantastic time and the best part was I came in second our first game and 1st our second game!


- Enjoyed coffee and some blogging time on my new computer!  Y'all I am IN LOVE with this thing. I have no idea how I've gone this long without this baby.  Oh and that mug is from Target and I'm also obsessed with it.

-Spent the afternoon shopping around with my friend Ashtyn.  Confession:  I have done absolutely zero Christmas shopping.  None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  I just figured out what I want to get everyone.  So I will be having a major shopping day next Saturday, which I'm dreading because I know it's going to be chaotic.

-Got Ashtyn to watch Love Actually.  I found out that she had NEVER SEEN IT!!  I was shocked.  It's only one of my all time favorite movies and she had never seen it.  Obviously she loved it when it was over.  Thank god.


-Woke up entirely too early but enjoyed my morning coffee in my new favorite Christmas mug!  What you can't see is that at the bottom of the cup is Santa and his reindeer.  So cute.

- Caught up on Once Upon a Time.  I wasn't sure how I felt about this season but the last two episodes were really good.  I'm excited to see what the next half of the season brings.

- Played photographer at the Special Pals Animal Shelter.  They had a mini-fundraiser where they offered pictures of your fur baby with Santa for a $10 or supply donation to the shelter.  We had a pretty good turn out.  It was so fun to see all the dogs and cats dressed in holiday accessories sitting in Santa's lap.  And I got to practice my photog skills again! :)

- Finally tackled the seemingly endless amounts of laundry I've collected over the last few weeks.

- Did some coloring in my new Harry Potter coloring book!! My friend Katie got me the Harry Potter adult coloring book for Christmas and it is the best thing ever.

Well that's about it.  I needed a relaxing weekend at home after all the traveling I've done the last couple weekends.  IT was the perfect weekend to recharge my batteries for the coming weekends!

Have a great Monday friends!  And don't forget to come back tomorrow cuz I'm share some of my favorite international Christmas ornaments! :)

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  1. Love all of your Christmas decorations! What a pretty view to wake up and have coffee to in the mornings! :)

  2. Your christmas decorations look great and how exciting to have a new comptuer. Makes such a difference!

  3. I love all the festive time you got in this weekend and the decorations!

  4. I love all of your decorations, it's all so cute! I am a little behind on my Christmas shopping, too! Hoping to get caught up by this weekend.

  5. The bowling Christmas party sounds like so much fun, and congrats on coming in 1st place! I'm pretty much the most terrible bowler ever! I can't believe that your friend had never seen Love Actually! I'm glad that you changed that this weekend! It's one of my favorite movies of all time!

  6. Ah love the fancy new computer. I love all your cute mugs. We collect Starbucks mugs from everywhere we travel and already are running out of space so I feel guilty buying any more. My classroom next year has a kitchen attached so I think I will need some work mugs :) also, I just realized I've been rambling about mugs 😁. Happy last week!


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