The Weekend

Well y'all I think my "Blogger's Block" is finally over.  I have a whole slew of blog ideas waiting in the wings for the next few weeks and I could not be more excited about it! 

To kick things off lets rejoice in the fact that I have 2 days of school and then we are FREE for Thanksgiving break!  WOO HOO!  I will say I'm jealous of some of my fellow teachers (like my mom and dad) who have the entire week off.  Sadly we do not.  But I'm going to make the best of it!

So unlike the last few weekends this weekend was jam packed with stuff!  

These were the highlights:

- The last two weekends I've had the house entirely to myself.  And I have to say.....I don't hate it.  I thought I would absolutely hate being alone for so long, but I don't.  It's giving me a taste of what I'll be like to maybe live by myself at some point and I think I'll like it.

- The "ember" months have been full of weddings for me and this weekend was no different.  I went to my friend Samson's wedding on Saturday and had a fantastic time.  It was a small late morning/early afternoon wedding and it was just perfect for this particular bride and groom.  Plus it was great seeing a bunch of my old co-workers from last year.  I may have hated the kids and the school itself, but I did NOT hate my team. They were amazing.

- Got to wear my new lip gloss from Cover Girl.  I'm calling it my holiday color because you will be seeing a ton over the coming weeks.  It's from the Lava Lips line and the shade is Live Love Lava.  It is the perfect shade of holiday red.  I'm obsessed. (Thank you Suzanne for introducing it to me!)

- Christmas came to our house this weekend. Yes it happened before Thanksgiving but before I'm given any grief about it, I'm going home for Thanksgiving and by the time I get back it'll be the first of December.  So I decided to put everything up this weekend so I don't have to next week and can just enjoy it when I walk in the door late Sunday afternoon!

-Binged watched half of the first season of the CW's Reign.  I am obsessed with this show.  How I didn't know about it when it was on is beyond me.  But now I'm obsessed with learning more about Mary, Queen of Scots. If you haven't seen it and you like historical dramas, do yourself a favor and watch this.  It's good.  Can't wait to finish it off during Thanksgiving break.

-Did lots of blog planning! I have my totally boring two day professional development from last week to thank for that.  Sitting there totally bored gave me plenty of time to think.  So Sunday morning I was able to sit down and set up a plan for each post.

- Trained Brady to stay away from the Christmas tree.  I have no issues with Sadie and Christmas trees.  She leaves them completely alone just like she does everything else.  Brady on the other hand is a complete mess and is into EVERYTHING.  So I've been nervous about how he would react to the tree.  Thankfully he's been pretty good.  I've squirted him a few times and he seems to have gotten the message.  As I type this he's actually sound asleep underneath the tree and it's totally adorable.  So as long as he stays under it and not in it, we should be good!

-  Got to wear a new outfit since the high yesterday was only 55!  I originally saw this outfit on Jenn from Going the Distance.  She showed it off in a post a few months back and when I saw it I knew I had to recreate it! And I finally got all the pieces together!  I am SO in love with this look.  I wore it today and am tempted to wear it to work tomorrow.  #outfitrepeater #dontcare ! Thanks for the inspiration Jenn!  Hope you don't mind that I totally copied you! :)

Stripped Tunic: Old Navy
Vest: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Scarf: Target
Leggings: Cotton On

- Made time both Saturday AND Sunday morning to dig into my new book, The Storyteller.  I'm really enjoying it.  Expect a review on it next week.  :)

- Sunday evening was spent practicing my photography skills on a friend from work and her husband.    I offered to take their Christmas card pictures for them so I could get some practice in.  First of all these two are absolutely GORGEOUS, so taking pictures of them was super easy.  Plus my camera did about 95% of the work but I like to think I'm getting better and better every time!  Here are just a few of my personal favorites from our session! 

Well that about wraps it up.  I love weekends that are a mix of relaxation and fun.  Which is exactly what this past weekend was.  

Now, just gotta get through today and tomorrow and I'm FREE for the rest of the week!  :) 

Have a great Monday friends! :)

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  1. You are SO welcome...and of course I don't mind! Thanks for the shoutout! :)
    Loving the red lips!!
    Your photo skills--the photographs turned out great!!
    Lucky that you have only 2 days. We have a 2 hour early release on Wednesday, but I still have to come in. Booooo! haha At least it's a short week tho!

  2. I totally don't blame you for decorating since you won't be home until the first of December. I told my husband that we're headed home from his parents house Saturday evening so we can dedicate the whole day Sunday to decorating, and I can't wait! I love that color of red on you, and I can't wait to see all of the fun things you have planned for your blog! Enjoy your two day week!

  3. Gorgeous photos!!

    Melissa | So About What I Said

    p.s. isn't it great when you have a chunk of time to devote to blog planning? :)

  4. Lovely Christmas photos! We would never be able to get our pup to sit still like that for photos!

    Martinis & Bikinis


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