The Weekend

Hi friends!

Well, I'm back after an unintentional little break last week.  I had such a busy weekend/week last week that I just did not have the energy to sit down and blog.  I went Disney World for the weekend, then ended up staying an extra day so when I got back I felt completley out of it work wise.  Between trying to catch up with school and having two very late nights thanks to volleyball I was totally out of it.

But after a very relaxing and rejuvenating weekend I'm happy to say that I feel caught up and back to normal.

Now on to the highlights of this weekend!

- First of all, HELLO NOVEMBER!! Like woah, y'all.  How the heck is it already November.  We have just 3 weeks until Thanksgiving break and I am so ready for it.

- Had a very nice and relaxing Saturday.  My last two Saturdays were go go go.  So it was nice to just wake up, drink coffee, and then do absolutely nothing the rest of the day.  Well nothing too strenuous anyway.

- Went to Target and Hobby Lobby.  That was the only time I left the house on Saturday.  I had one of those, "I'm just going into Target for toothpaste and cotton balls."  Then of course like any true basic girl would, I completely forgot the toothpaste and walked out with new makeup, two shirts, and a blanket scarf.  #Targetproblems

- Watched Hocus Pocus in honor of Halloween.

- Was very boring and stayed in Halloween night and passed out candy to neighborhood kids.  (And by kids I mean teenagers, who I totally judged as they took candy from me.)

- Sunday was spent editing some of my pictures from Disney World last weekend, here is sneak peak!

- Lots of cleaning was done on Sunday.  Clean sheets are my favorite.  (Side note: Am I the only one who washes their sheets pretty much every weekend? I was told that the norm is to wash them once a month or less. That's just gross to me.)

- Sunday afternoon I did some major damage at Old Navy.  Seriously y'all I bought 2 shirts, 2 vests, a pair of pants, and a sweater.  I am IN LOVE with the sweater.  It's a dark grey and fits perfectly.  I need to go back buy one in every color I think.

-Went to a fun theatrical performance at the Houston Hobby Center called Potted Potter.  It featured two hilarious British actors, performing all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes and included a live game of Quidditch!  It was very funny and performed very well.  If the show comes to your city I highly recommend you go and see it. Especially if you love Harry Potter like I do.  They throw in some funny modern day jokes and of course give you all the Harry Potter highlights.  It was perfect!

- Did some teachery stuff.  

- Ate leftover Halloween candy.

- Took down Halloween decorations and put some Thanksgiving ones. (Jenny won't let me decorate for Christmas yet.)  Let the Christmas countdown BEGIN!! :)

Overall a very satisfying weekend!  Now I'm off to tackle Monday and the first week of a brand new month!  

Till tomorrow friends! :)

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  1. So much fun!!! The pictures are so cute! :)

  2. By some miracle I went into Target on Saturday and only came out with what I needed. Don't know how that happened hahah!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about Disney! I loved seeing all of your pictures on Instagram! And I totally understand needing the downtime after being busy for so long. The Saturday after being gone all I want to do is just lie around my house and watch TV. And totally agree with you about the washing the sheets once a week! We have two pairs of sheets so we can always be prepared to wash one pair.

  4. Potted Potter was in Brisbane last year and my husband (the Harry Potter fan in our house) wanted to go but the tickets were a little pricy. Also, can I just say how jealous I am of your target and old navy haul!? I'm going to do some serious damage when we go home (next month!!!).


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