The Weekend

Oh Monday, every week you come around and every week I dread you more and more.  Thankfully we're close to November which mean Thanksgiving break.  And then before you know it, it'll be Christmas! WOO HOO!

This weekend was pretty great!  Here were the highlights:

-Friday, my friend Ashtyn and I went shopping for everything we needed to make a Halloween and a Fall wreath.  She did the picking out of the itms and I did the paying for the items.  She is a master wreath maker and was gracious enough to make me two of them for this season.  She came over that night and we started the Halloween one.

-Saturday morning was spent with a cup of coffee and the Amazing Race.

-Saturday afternoon was spent at No Label Brewery.  A few friends from work met us there and we had a great afternoon chatting and listening to some good music.

- Errands, napping and a little TV watching happened Saturday evening/night.

- Finished editing my picture from Europe.  I'm so sad that I'm almost done re-capping my trip to Europe.  Makes me want to go back like tomorrow.

- Sunday morning was spent getting the house clean and ready for the week ahead.

-Wreath making!  I drove to Ashtyn's house and we finished up the Halloween wreath and then started the fall one.  Here was the sneak peak I posted of the fall one.  Burlap is my favorite thing.

Here are the finished products!!!!!   I am absolutely obsessed with them.  OBSESSED!  I told Ashtyn she needs to sell these babies on Etsy.  I cannot take any credit for either of these.  Ashtyn did all the work.  We have plans to make Valentine's day wreaths for February!

It was a very crafty weekend and it was perfect!  

Have a great Monday friends!  

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  1. I've really wanted to try No Label brewery but we haven't made it out there yet. We've gone to St. Arnold a few times, especially since my brother in law works there now. Those wreaths are so beautiful! Your friend is so talented, and I agree that she should sell them in etsy!

  2. I love that burlap wreath! It's beautiful!!

  3. Oh my goodness I wish I (or one of my friends) could make wreaths - those look gorgeous!!

  4. Oh Man I love that wreath!! You did a great job

  5. Those wreaths look great! I tihnk they are such a fun decoration to have for each season!


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