Currently [October]

Feeling.... Tired and excited.  Tired because school is coming and going fast and furious.  I mean it's OCTOBER!!  And the first 6 weeks are already over.  The days are long and nights are far too short.  I feel like I'm not getting enough sleep!  I'm excited because the next two weekends are going to be AH-MAZING!  Jordan's wedding is next and Disney World Bachelorette Party is the next.  Lots of travel and lots of fun!

Reading.... Nothing. Sadly. I'm itching to read a new book and haven't found one that's grabbed my attention since I read The Royal need suggestions! Book suggestions! Throw some of your favorites at me so I can make up a good reading list.

Drinking....Water/Ice that used to be a Dr. Pepper from Chick-Fil-A!

Watching.... Last weeks How To Get Away With Murder.  I swear it's one of the best fall shows on TV.  Keeps you guessing the entire time.  If you haven't seen need too.  SO good.

Thinking about.... Student grades, Disney World, Weddings, the fact that in a few weeks I have to start coaching basketball: a sport I have never played nor really know anything about, oh and my gorgeous wreaths my friend Ashtyn made me this weekend!  In case you didn't get to see them Monday, here they are again.  I'm obsessed! :)

Wearing....Volleyball practice attire.

Working on.... This post and lesson plans.  Next weeks lessons plans have to be finished by tomorrow.  I have a few more days to finish up.

Cooking....  Pasta dishes.  In the last two weeks I've made two different pasta dishes that have been so tasty.

Looking.... At fall clothes I'm dying to add to my wardrobe.  J-Crew and Old Navy have some fantastic fall clothes available.

Wishing.... For cooler weather.  It may officially be fall but Texas has clearly not gotten the message.  It's HOT!

Loving.... Pumpkin any good basic girl does during this time of year.  I have a Pumpkin scented glade plugin in my classroom and I love having the kids tell me...."It smells good in here Ms. Norris!"  Why yes....yes it does.

Laughing at.... these funnies:


Have a great Wednesday friends!

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  1. Do you get to wear your volleyball gear all day at work? if so, I'm totally envious of you! haha
    Still loving those wreaths!
    Thanks for linking up with us today!!

  2. Books: Calling Me Home, The Book Thief and The Girl You Left Behind. How to get away with murder?! Ah so good! I just watched last weeks episode.

  3. I'm so jealous if your Disney World bachelorette party! It's going to be a blast! As far as books go, I definitely recommend be Lunar Chronicles. It's a series that puts a scifi twist on classic fairy tales. It sounds weird, but trust me it's awesome!

  4. YASSSSSS! So much fun stuff! I love those wreaths so much!

  5. Love your currently post, I did mine today too!

    Those wreaths are fabulous! Good luck coaching basketball!

  6. I just finished "All The Light We Cannot See" and it was wonderful. I highly recommend!

  7. Great post! Love J Crew and Old Navy as well! Fall is just my fav!


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