The Weekend

Why is it that weekends go by so quickly.  WHY?!  I propose that we change Friday to a weekend day and then we all just work 4 days a week rather than 5!  I feel like everyone would be ok with that idea.  Don't you?  I need to find out who can make that happen for me.  At least in my school district.

Thankfully this is gonna be a fairly short week for me.  I have a professional development day on Wednesday, meaning I will be at school but won't actually be teaching.  And we have a half day on Friday since it's then end of our first 6 weeks of school.  Good lord, it's already been 6 weeks since we've started school.  This year is flying by.  

Well I had a pretty great weekend.  Thus one of the reasons I'm so bummed it's over.   

Here were the highlights:

- Chaperoned the first dance of the school year.  It was hilarious watching these 6th, 7th, and 8th graders dance to music that is entirely inappropriate and laugh at how awkward they all are.  In case you're wondering I know how to NeNe and Hit the Quan now.  

-Dinner Friday with a friend from work.  Y'all we got there at 5:30 and didn't leave until abut 9:15.  Completely lost track of time.  (It's a male co-worker by the way! ;) )  We'll see where this goes.

- Volleyball tournament all morning Saturday.  I treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte so it made getting up at 5:30 on a Saturday much more bearable.  We lost the first two games and won the last one, so at least we went out on a high note!

-Spent Saturday afternoon tailgating/watching the Texas State vs. University of Houston football game.  It was so great seeing so many friends from college.  We lost (horribly, we left at halftime) but I was still glad I went.  Eat Em Up CATS! 

- Sunday was spent being very lazy and I loved it.

- Watched Hotel Transylvania which was surprisingly very good.

- Went and stocked up on Fall/Halloween decorations and spent the afternoon decorating.  I love this time of year.  Cannot wait to get my Christmas stuff out!

-Bought some new coffee mugs.  Three to be exact, thank you Home Goods.  I have been wanting some new ones for forever and am so happy with the ones I bought.  Keep an eye out on Instagram for them! :)

- Set my Instagram to private.  A student found me.  Which is a big no no, so I had to set it to private before any others did.  I'm gonna have to have her unfollow me today.  womp womp

-Watched the season premier of both The Amazing Race and Once Upon a Time.  Jenny actually knows one of the guys competing this season so it will make it even more fun to watch it.  Go #TeamTexas!  As for Once Upon A Time...well I was slightly disappointed but just like with Grey's Anatomy I'll lee watching because I have to know what happens.  

Pretty great weekend!  Now off to get my Monday over with!

Have a great week friends!

Ps.  Be sure to come back tomorrow because I'm talking all about Venice! :)

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  1. Looks like you had a jam-packed but super fun weekend girl!

  2. So fun that you were able to tailgate and catch up with friends at the football game, even if you did lose. And I can't wait to decorate for fall! I can't believe that it's already here and that Christmas is is almost here!

  3. Yeah, I had to go to private on IG too.... There are just too many students in my life!

    Looks like an AMAZING weekend! I'm on board for this 4 day week if you figure out how to make that happen :)

  4. Love Saturdays of football and tailgating!!

  5. I'm still catching up on last season of Once Upon a Time but I've heard from multiple people that this season didn't have a great start! LOVE all of the fun Halloween decorations!


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