The Weekend

At least that's what I'm telling myself on this lovely Monday.  :)  But seriously, I'm still waiting for the feeling of dreading Mondays.  Sure I wish I could sleep past 5 am on a Monday but since I'm still loving my job I don't mind getting up and getting ready for work.  The routine is nice.

Well the weekend was VERY successful for me...and my bedroom.  If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be!)  you already know that my weekend consisted of lots of home decorating.  And I didn't hate it one little bit.  

Here were highlights:

-Saturday morning coffee in bed with one of my new coffee mugs.  I've been sick to death of all my mugs lately and I finally bought two new ones at Home Goods late week.  

-Saturday afternoon shopping trip to Hobby Lobby.  I finally decided to finish decorating my bedroom AFTER A WHOLE YEAR!  So I bit the bullet and dropped a pretty penny at my favorite craft store.  Thankfully everything was half off.  Tune in Wednesday to get all the details! :)

-Moes Southwest Grill was had for lunch and it was delightful.  I demolished my nachos and loved every minute of it.  Thus a selfie was needed. 

-Saturday night was spent putting together these little beauties.  Again details to come on Wednesday but I had to show them off now!  This is one item that has been a total #Pinterestwin.  I am IN LOVE with the three Instagram frames I put together.  My fingers on the other hand are not so happy with me, thanks to the hot glue gun that touched them one too many times.  

-I spent the majority of Sunday morning cleaning cleaning cleaning.

- The best roommate ever helped me section off my wall and hang all my lovely finds.  I wouldn't have been able to do this without her.  Everything would have been crocked as hell.

-It was basically the weekend of crafting and DIYing because I also re-did the stool that has been sitting under my vanity for the last year.  Again more details on this little cutie will come on Wednesday! :)

-Watched A League of Their Own....again.  I love this movie.  

-Watched The Emmys!  

-Got excited because I realized that lots of my favorite shows will be coming back on TV this week!  IE. Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Once Upon A Time, Dancing with the Stars (it actually came back last week but still), Modern Family.....basically EVERYTHING on ABC.

Yep! I think it's safe to say I had pretty good weekend!  It was productive and fun! Can't beat that! And now here's to hoping I have an equally productive and fun week! :)

Happy Monday friends! :)

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  1. I love your new decor!! Those photo frames and the gallery wall are gorgeous!!
    So glad that you're ready to take on Monday. I'm a little overwhelmed jumping into my schedule full force (mondays are insanely busy for me), but glad to be done with Monday once it's over haha.
    Hope you have a good easy start to the week!

  2. So much crafting, and all so cute!! I love the day AFTER you've done crafting, and you wake up in a bedroom that's all new and decorated :) It's so rewarding!

    Happy Monday!

  3. I love those frames! They're so cute and I love how you included all of your own Instagram pictures too! Can't wait to read about how you created everything!

  4. The frames and the whole set up is super cute. Love it and hobby lobby.

  5. That stool looks so good! And I love all the frames. Definitely a productive weekend!

  6. The frames are the cutest thing ever so don't be surprised when I copy you. Your vanity bench turned out amazing!

  7. I'm loving your frames, so cute! I also love how your vanity bench turned out. I really need to get back into crafting, it's so much fun!

  8. Your wall turned out great! I want to do something similar as soon as I have an office!


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