Oh Hey Friday!

Ok first of all, TFIG.  Second of all, how funny is that picture.  I laughed entirely too hard at this when I saw it last night.  Genius.  And now all I want are some french fries.  McDonald's fries to be exact.  Yum.

Well another great week is gone.  And just like that it's the last weekend in September.  This time next week we will be saying Hello October!  Thank goodness because I am so ready for cooler weather, boots and scarves.  As I'm sure all good bloggers are! :)

And now it's time for the usual around here:

[one]  We lost out third volleyball game of the season but I'm so proud of my girls because they played so well! We only lost by 2 points and we really worked for it.  So it was a good lose.

[two] Jenny and I went to the 8th grade football game this week.  The boys in my class kept asking me if I was going to the game and I was finally able to say yes!  We won!  And it was fun watching a little Tuesday night football.

[three] I watched Grey's Anatomy's season premier last night and I'm still 100% a fan.  I don't care what anyone says.  And even without Derek Shepard, the show is still good.  I will watch it until the very end and I'm not at all ashamed of that.

[four] I made the tastiest pasta dish this week.  I got the recipe from Pinterest....obviously and it was delicious!  If you're looking for a yummy and easy dinner head to my Pinterest, click Edible Eats and look for the Creamy Spinach Tortellini pin.  And here's a picture of another #PinterestWin

[five]  I'm so excited for this weekend.  We have a volleyball tournament tomorrow and then after that I'm meeting some college friends at our alma mater's (Texas State) football game.  They're playing the University of Houston.  Here's hoping they win!  GO BOBCATS!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!
Till Monday!


  1. Oooh that pasta looks DELICIOUS!!!
    I love your Fry-day photo too hehe. It actually smells like fries/hashbrowns outside of my office at work (I'm down the hall from the cafeteria) so it's even more fitting :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. OH MY GOSH that pasta looks insane! Carbs ftw...

    My sister is a die hard Gray's fan! Haha...I've never completely been able to understand the obsession, but I know if someone commits to the show, they COMMIT! It's the last season now, right?

  3. It's always tough to lose, but if you've played your best then it doesn't feel as rough. Have fun at the volleyball tourney this weekend, and at the football game!

  4. OMG I love that you're a vball coach. I played all through high school and miss that sport so darn much. Also, that recipe looks amazing. Also, Grey's will always be a favorite…I'm too emotionally invested. Also, have a great weekend surrounded by vball :)

  5. Eat 'em up Cats! I'm jealous you're going to the game. I went a few years ago when they played U of H and the tailgate was so fun!

  6. That pasta looks to DIE for! Yum!!
    Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com


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