Oh Hey Friday!

WOO HOO! Friday is here!  I am so ready for the weekend.  Once again I had a very busy week.  So I'm ready to not have to wake up to an alarm.

Alright on to my top five from the week!

[one]  My girls won their second volleyball game!!!!  We are now 2-0 and it is the best feeling ever!

[two] On Monday my friend Katie and I hit up Chili's Grill and Bar in honor of St. Jude's Children's Hospital.   Now I'm not a huge fan of Chili's...anymore....but 100% of their proceeds was being donated to St. Jude's.

[three] Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is back and I am having major Disney withdrawals because of it.  They have a new stage show for the party that stars my 3 favorite witches, the Sanderson Sisters! It's about time Disney incorporated some Hocus Pocus into the party.  I watched the full show on Youtube last night (yeah I'm that cool) and it was really great.  Thank goodness I'm gonna be getting a Disney fix in a few weeks! I need it!

[four]  I am now the owner of my very own pair of Tory Burch flats!  I LOVE THEM!  They are just the cutest and go with just about everything.   This was my outfit from yesterday and I am obsessed with it.

[five]  Well I'm tired and can't think of a fifth thing.
 All I know is it was a good week but I'm glad to see it go and say hello to the weekend!
Have a great one friends! Catch ya Monday! :)


  1. I am SO jealous of your shoes!! I think I've wanted a pair of beige TB flats for about 10 years now :)

    Happy Friday, Kathleen!!

  2. LOVE your outfit and the shoes--can you buy me a pair?? :)
    Congrats on the volleyball win. I think my most favorite thing is eating Chili's and supporting St. Judes. Does it get much better?? :)
    Happy Friday!!!

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  4. One of my friends just went to Disney World for Mickey's Halloween Party and I've been so jealous of her! I've heard such great things about it, so I completely understand why you were looking up videos on YouTube.

  5. Like your top and those Tory's are awesome! I have the same ones.


    1. These are mine. https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/image5.jpg


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