The Weekend

Well, it's the last Monday of the summer!  Next Monday will find me back to work.  But it's not time yet so I'm just gonna pretend that I don't have to go to work Monday (at least until Sunday). may notice that things look a little different around here!  I am beyond happy with my new design.  I was looking for something feminine, clean, and simple.  And the people over at Designer Blogs provided all of those things in this design.  They are super affordable and the template was crazy easy to install.  And I'm happy to report that I did a lot of the other new additions you see all by myself!  I figured out how to install the Instagram widget and the social media widgets all on my own (with the help of handy Youtube videos).  There is just something so satisfying about doing stuff yourself, isn't there?! 

I still have a few things to add to the design before it's exactly where I want it.  And I'm hoping the last few elements will be ready and installed later this week.  But AH I just love it.

Now on to my weekend.  It was pretty low key, but there were some exciting things thrown in there too.  

Here were the highlights:

- Friday I went to see The Gift with my roomie and her BF.  I give it 3 stars.  If I'm honest the previews made it better then it seem better than it actually ended up being.  

- The majority of Saturday was spent revamping the blog.  I had Jenny take some pictures of me for my new "About me" sidebar.  I was VERY pleased with how they came out.  Here were some of my favorites.
(Pictures were taken with my Canon Rebel T-5 and my 50 mm lens)

- Fresh fruit was purchased and eaten for breakfast.  It was/is delicious.

- Bonding time with my fur babies.  Thursday I drove to pick them up from my parents and Friday we had some quality bonding time in the car on the way back to Houston.  This is the closest they were willing to be to each other since we got home.

- Sunday I went to brunch with my friend Sandra.  We taught together last year and I will miss seeing her face every day.  If you're in the Houston area and are looking for a yummy brunch place, check out Pecan Creek Grill.  It is in the energy corridor off of I-10 and it is delicious.  Get the migas.  You won't regret it.  

- Napping Sunday afternoon.

- Did some virtual window shopping via Modcloth and Shopruche.  I want this to be my first day of school outfit.  I'm itching to do some back to school shopping.  

                                   (via)                                                                         (via)

- Watched about 5 of these videos.  If you've never seen Matt Bellasai's "Whine About It" videos, stop what your doing right now and watch this one and then go to Youtube and watch all of his other ones because they are HILARIOUS and completely accurate.  

Well that's my weekend!  Now I'm off to enjoy the last Monday of summer. 
Hope you like the re-design! I know I do! :)  
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  1. Loving the new blog design! You're head shots are beautiful. Tell Sadie I miss her :)

  2. Love the new blog design, it's so pretty! And your new head shots are really pretty too! Glad you had a relaxing weekend before school starts back up!

  3. LOVE the blog design! It's so pretty, clean and crisp! And girl, you are gorgeous! LOVE the head shots!
    Yum, brunch is my faaaaave! You just reminded me how long it's been since I've treated myself to an outing of brunch with my friends, ha!

  4. Your new design is so gorgeous as is your new about me picture!! Can't wait to see what you have coming up! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Your blog looks great and I'm so impressed with all that you did yourself. That's really something I wish I were better at, but I get really overwhelmed!!
    Love your "virtual window shopping" look too--that would be a cute back to school look!
    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  6. I love the new blog design--it looks wonderful! Have a great week!

  7. Ooh I just did a very similar trip, so I'm curious which tour group did you travel with?


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