Oh Hey Friday!

WOO HOO!!!!  Fellow teachers, we made it!  The first week of school is officially under our belt as of today.  I've already gushed pretty much everyday this week about how good it has gone so I'm not gonna say it again.....but IT WAS GREAT!!!!!

And now on to my favorite Friday link up!

[one] I totally loved my back to school outfit this year.  I actually wore this same outfit my first official first day as a teacher two years ago.  I didn't want to go buy a new outfit (read: couldn't afford one since I spent all my extra money on stuff for my classroom) so I had to pick something from my closet and I LOVED this outfit the first time I wore it, so I figured it was perfect.  
[two] Jenny found these DELICIOUS oatmeal based breakfast food.  She found them on Pinterest (of course) and made them all this week for us for breakfast.  Y'all go home and make the blueberry one because it was the best thing ever.  She also made the mango one and plans to make the peanut butter and banana one next week.  SO GOOD.  
[three] I snapped the cutest picture of Jenny and Brady.  She loves to give him a ton of love and attention and this picture captures just how much he loves it too.  He clearly is totally loving it, right?
[four] I joined some of my new teacher friends for our book club dinner.  Only some of us didn't finish the actual book (I didn't, but I'm working on it!) but we still had a great evening out together.  Oh and they're not exactly new since I've met all of them before but I'm saying new since I'm new to teaching at the same school!
[five]  I am totally loving my most recent RockBox and wore all my jewelry from it to school this week.....multiple times!  I subscribed to it last month before Europe and didn't love the first box but this second box has some great stuff.  I'll be sharing a whole review on both boxes next week so be sure to check back!
I really hope the rest of the school year goes as well as the first week has.  I'm so excited to see what it has in store.  Life is just so much better when you like your job....isn't it?!
Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend! :)


  1. Book clubs are always so much fun! Even if people didn't finish the book, it's a good reason to get together and hang out! Love the Kendra earrings from your box! Her jewelry is pretty much the best!

  2. Loved your back to school outfit - so cute!! Cannot wait for the review. It all looks fabulous on you!

  3. I've been wanting to join a book club for a long time. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love your back-to-school outfit!

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