Oh Hey Friday

Happy Friday friends!  
Lets get right to it today, shall we? 

My five things from the week are...

[one] Once again I am back to being insanely glad it's Friday, we can thank going back to work for that.  Also because I found THIS QUOTE!!!! #thankyoupinterest.  It is seriously perfection and 100% accurate.  

[two]  On Monday, Jenny and I met up with a couple who was part of our tour to Europe at a Houston Astros baseball game.  They were on a baseball tour of the US and one of their stops was a Houston Astros game.  It worked out perfectly because we hadn't been to an Astros game yet and so we drove over to Minute Maid Stadium that evening.  It was so fun! Even though the Astros lost.  I love baseball!

[three]  Jenny made me the CUTEST curtains for my classroom! I cannot wait to show them off next week, when I do my classroom tour.  But it was pretty funny because it took us two different times to get these curtains done right.  The first time Jenny made them too short and the second time I messed up the measurements because, I DON'T DO MATH.   

here's a sneak peak at the fabric we used:

[four]  This week has been super stressful.  Mostly because we've had hardly any time in our classrooms to get everything ready for next week.  The week has been packed full of meetings and professional development.  Which, while those are important, it means everything that needs to get done in the classroom to be ready for students on Monday is getting pushed to the side.  Hopefully I can get it all done today!  While this isn't an especially positive thing it is something that has taken up a large part of the my week, so it had to be mentioned.

So I can't come up with another thing.  womp womp.  But that's the way it goes sometimes.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  I'm off to tackle my mile long to-do list at school.  Wish me luck.

Till Monday!


  1. Love Fridays too--definitely one of the best F-words out there. Also loving those curtains for your classroom--such a pretty color!
    Have a great Friday--good luck with the to-do list!!

  2. That quote is too cute, and I love the chevron fabric you used for your curtains! Good luck getting everything finished up for your classroom today, and I hope you enjoy your weekend before school starts!

  3. Friday is my second favorite F word, too! Hope you have a great weekend :)


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