Oh Hey Friday!

Friday is here!  Which is a good thing and bad thing because I just realized this is my last Friday of summer.  Yep, I will be at work next Friday.

So I will savor this Friday by seeing my parents one last time before school starts.  I drove half way across Texas to meet up with them and pick up Sadie and Brady.  We spent yesterday lounging at the pool and having some yummy BBQ while I regaled them of all my European adventures and showered them with gifts!

I will spend the rest of today taking advantage of tax free day and buy myself a new back to school outfit! :)

But for now it's time to share 5 things from my week with:

[one] Pretty much every day this week I've been waking up between 5:30 and 6:30.  Normally I would be very irritated by this, but for some reason I have loved it!  I feel like I have so much more time during the day.  And it is such a peaceful time.  I can lay in bed and drink my coffee, listen to the news and read blogs.  Doesn't get much better then that I think!  Of course that's gonna change in a week when I have to go back to school, but for now I'm going to savor it.

[two] I officially submitted my contract for my new school and district.  I'll be teaching 8th grade Us History again AND I'll be coaching Volleyball and Basketball.  No I have never coached either sport. So if any of you are coaches in either of those sports anything you're willing to share with me would be greatly appreciated! :)

[three] I spent most of the week looking for a new blog design!  I really want a custom design but man those babies are expensive now a days!  But I think I've found something that I'm happy with and cannot wait to start putting the whole thing together.  So if in the coming weeks things look a little weird around here you know why! :)

[four] I'm finally reunited with my two fur babies! I haven't seen them for a whole month and it has been torture!  Absolute torture.  I cannot wait to get them home and cuddle the crap outta them.  (Yeah, like they're gonna let me do that! lol)
[five] These quotes to bring a little inspiration to your Friday! :)
Have a great weekend friends! :)


  1. Stopping by from the Oh Hey Friday link up! Good luck with implementing a new blog design - it's always fun to change things up once in a while. And loving that quote. So relevant - and so true. Perfection doesn't always equal wonderful. In fact, many times in life, the most wonderful moments are the very imperfect ones:) Happy Friday!


  2. Stopping by from the link up! Good luck with the new school year! I've recently started getting up at 5:30 every day to work out and I LOVE the quiet time!

  3. I love waking up early in the mornings too! Especially when I get to relax and soak up the quiet time! Congratulations on coaching two sports! How fun!!! Cannot wait to see the new design!

  4. I always feel like get the most amount of things done when I wake up early in the morning too! Congrats on the new teaching position and I'm sure you'll do great coaching! And not having your fur babies around is definitely the worst part about traveling. I think we talked about Dart everyday in Hawaii!

  5. Yay for 8th grade teachers! I teach 8th + 9th grade humanities at an international school in Taiwan, and I am always eager to read the blogs of other teachers! I am so happy to have found yours!!

  6. Your new design is EVERYTHING! I love it!


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