The Weekend

Holy Moly it's June.  And officially the last week of what has been a very stressful and eye opening school year.  I am so ready for summer vacation it's not even funny.  

So, I've been pretty regular with posting things about my weekend, but with summer within sights I probably won't be doing them as often, because well...everyday is technically a weekend for me now! At least till the middle of August anyway.  It's ok...I would be jealous of me too! ; )

Now on with the goods. My weekend:

 - I am pleased to report that the self inflicted spending freeze is over.  I no longer have mere pennies to my name.  Thank goodness.  Now that't not to say I will be spending like a crazy person, I do still have 2 weeks in Europe to save for.  But I can treat myself to things like Sonic on occasion!  Which is exactly what I did on Friday.  There really is nothing quite like a Sonic cheeseburger, fries and a Dr. Pepper.  

- Saturday I went to the post office and stood in line for an hour and half to pick up our mail.  Our mailbox key broke SO we had to put in for a new lock and key.  The lovely people at the Post Office said it would take week or two.  Well two weeks have passed and still no key.  No bueno.

- Watched American Horror Story: Asylum.  Um it was terrifying.  Murder House and Coven are my favorites and I enjoyed them  a lot  Asylum iFreak Show on the other hand are completely creepy and  gave me nightmares.  Not sure how I'm gonna feel about Hotel.

-Finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Expect a glowing review later in the week.

- Watched as much of Harry Potter Weekend as I could.  As I type this I am watching Deathly Hallows Pt. 2.  I don't care what anyone says Harry Potter is the best thing in the entire world.  And although I'm much more of a book fan than a movie one, I still watch them when they come on.  Also, I still cry when Snape dies. Always.

- Continued my "un-spending" freeze by going to see Pitch Perfect 2 and getting frozen yogurt with my friend Molly.  The movie made me laugh and I enjoyed it.  I'm dying to see Aloha though.

- Bought a new pair of shoes for Europe!  I've been reading a ton of travel blogs lately in preparation for the trip and a ton of said bloggers have suggested espadrille as a good show for touring the cities. So I've been on the look out for some and I finally found them!  Thank you Francesca's Collections.  They have just the right amount of padding to be comfortable to walking for long periods of time and are adorable.  Win win.

- Gave myself a manicure with my favorite pink nail polish, OPI's Koala Berry.

- Watched Game of Thrones as usual.   My two favorite moments of the episode were the conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys (I cannot wait to see how that plays out) and watching Cersei suffer in jail.  Then we have to wait a whole other year! I feel the season was super slow until episode 6 and now there are only 2 left.  That means these last two episodes will be PACKED with information and action.

I was super pleased with overall weekend.  It was much more eventful then the last few weekends I've had and it was nice to finally get out of the house and do some things.  And now off to finish up the school year!

Happy 1st Day of June Lovelies!

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