Oh Hey Friday!

How is it already the end of the second week of summer!?  This summer is already flying by!

This week was so great y'all.  I loved every single minute of this week and have zero complaints about the way it went.

So lets jump right into my top 5 favorite things.  It was so hard to narrow it down to 5 but I did my best!  Enjoy!


[one]  By far the best part of the week was getting to FINALLY meet my best friend Ashley's sweet baby girl Lacey.  Y'all I am seriously OBSESSED with her.  She is just the sweetest little baby ever.  Ashley bought the most precious onesie for her to wear for our first meeting.  It said "My Aunt Is My BFF"  I just melted when I saw it.  

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen these pictures.  If not you should totally follow me.  It was overloaded with pictures of my sweet niece and I'm not ashamed of it one little bit.  

Ashley and I have a tradition were we go to Barnes and Noble every time I'm in town.  So obviously Lacey's first time in B&N was with the two of us.  We had a little photo shoot, courtesy of yours truly (which I will be sharing next week!)  and bought Lacey some new toys and books.  Here's the evidence that she loved it just as much as her Mom and me.

One of my favorite moments from the week happened when I was helping Ashley put Lacey to bed.  She breastfeeds during the day and her last feeding before bed is from a bottle.  Kyle (Ashley's hubby) was nice and let me give Lacey her last bottle before bed.  That's when Ashley told me that she's been reading the first Harry Potter to Lacey during this feeding.  So I fed Lacey, which Ashley read aloud from Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  It was such a special moment because Harry Potter has been a HUGE part of our friendship and just the fact that we were getting to pass along the magic of Harry Potter to Lacey, is just so special.  And even made me tear up a little.  #harrypotternerd #always  Kyle wasted no time teasing us about the whole thing.  But we know we're lame and love every minute of it! 

[two] Wednesday marked the official 1 month mark until Europe!  And since we are only 1 month out, we were given all of the hotels we'll be staying in throughout our trip.  All of them seem amazing! Especially the hotels in London, Paris, and Amsterdam.  I'll be sharing pictures of the hotels next week as well! So stay tuned!

[three]  I bought my luggage for Europe.  Thank you Marshalls.  The brand is Samsonite, which I've heard is a great brand.  It is rose gold in color, hard shelled, and the perfect size.  I'm very happy with it.  

[four] Ashley and I had a fantastic time together.  Having Lacey with us just made it all the more fun. Ashely introduced me to Toasted Marshmallow Milk Shakes.  YUM!!  All you need is a blender, these giant marshmallow, vanilla ice cream and greek yogurt.  She toasted the marshmallows in the oven for about 5 minutes then tossed everything in the blender and out came the tastiest milk shake I've had in a long time.

[five]  Got myself a fancy at home manicure courtesy of Ashley (and myself) while Lacey was napping one afternoon.  The color is Essie's Playdate.  The top coat is something I will be investing in ASAP.  It's Essie's new Gel Top coat.  It leaves your mani strong and extra shiny.  I filed and clipped my cuticles then Ashley painted them for me.  It was probably the best at home manicure I've ever had! :)  

Overall it was one of the best weeks I've had all year.  I loved getting to spend so much time with Lacey and Ashley.  It was so much fun having a week long sleepover with them.  It was so fun watching my best friend be a mommy.  She is doing a phenomenal job and I'm so glad I have her as an example for when I become a mommy.  
Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend.  I'm heading to my parent's hometown this weekend for a memorial service of some very close family friends.  So while it's gonna be a sad weekend, I'll also be seeing some of my cousins so it'll be a good one too! :)
Till Monday! 
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  1. Meeting your best friend’s baby must have been the best – looks perfect!

  2. That sweet baby is so cute! How exciting about your Europe trip!! Hope you have an amazing time :)

  3. Toasted marshmallow milk shakes?!?
    Woah - that's something I need to try!
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend.


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