The Weekend

Hi friends and .... 

Welcome to another week!  You know what I just realized.  I only have 3 MORE MONDAYS where I have to get up and go to work....3 MORE MONDAYS.. AHHHH!!!

All of a sudden I'm ready to tackle this Monday like nobodies business.

So the weekend was absolutely delightful for a number of reasons.  Here are the highlights:

- I woke up Saturday morning to the best news EVER.  The Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labor and had given birth to a daughter!! AHH!!! I had 2 text messages waiting for me and like 3 Facebook notifications.  (What can I say my friends know me well.)  I immediately got up, got my coffee and started streaming the live feed of the Lindo Wing from my computer and scoured Facebook and the rest of the inter webs for any and all information I could get my hands on.

From the live feed I saw William leaving to pick George.  I saw the two of them arriving at the hospital and of course I saw this moment.   As always the Duchess looked absolutely flawless.  I hope I look that good 10 hours after I give birth to my second child.

I cannot wait to hear what they decide to name this sweet little princess.  Hopefully we hear today! I for one hope it's something classic like Charlotte.  But I also think naming her Diana would be so sweet and fitting.  That bonnet is so cute my ovaries are about to explode.

-I went to my best friend from colleges daughter's first birthday party.  Charley is just the cutest little girl ever and really is the happiest of babies.  I spent the afternoon and most of the night with them so I got my baby fill for now.

- I took Brady for his very first set of shots.  He's getting his boys clipped this week too.

-Saw the Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I give it 4 stars!  Funny and overall super entertaining.  I'm a big fan of these Marvel movies.  Even though I do think they're going just a tad overboard with them.  I feel like that's all that's out lately.  Super hero movies.

- Got some great reading time in.  My book is amazing!  I cannot wait to share it in a book review with y'all.  I'm reading the book below my iPad.  The others are on my to-read list or have been started and not finished.  

-Sunday evening my friend Ashtyn came over and brought over dinner and dessert. Talk about sweet!  She brought a broccoli, chicken, and rice casserole that was delightful as well as a white cake with white chocolate frosting.  We caught up and watched Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones.

-Watched a few episodes of that show Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel.  It was so weird! Why would you ever sign up for this show.

-Went to Old Navy...finally!  I mentioned in this post  that I had my eye on a few dresses from there that I wanted for Europe.  Thankfully They were having a great sale so I got exactly what I was looking for.  Plus a cute pair of shoes that I think will be perfect for strolling the streets of Paris and Amsterdam.

-Found my "Europe purse".  Technically Jenny found it at Marshall's and I loved it so much that I went and bought one for myself.  It's the perfect shade of grey, waterproof, has a ton of pockets, fits my DSLR camera, and is super cute.  Pretty much everything I was looking for.


I am so excited that I found exactly what I was looking for in terms of clothes for Europe.  So excited.  Everything is coming together y'all!  73 days!

This weekend was the perfect mix of laziness and activity.  It was pretty perfect.

Hope you're was too! 
Now have a great Monday! Linking up with Biana!


  1. I love that they named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! Such a beautiful name. :) Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Did you know they were going to name her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana before you wrote this post!? If not, you are an incredibly good guesser!!

  3. Love the name Charlotte! And could she be more fabulous?! The woman can do now wrong :)


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