Oh Hey Friday!

Friday we meet again.  This week was not terrible and went by very quickly, which is exactly what I need to happen the next 4 weeks or 18 school days.

Per usual I'm linking up for:

[one]  Sadie and Brady have gotten so cute lately.  Well kind of...but I did catch this sweet moment happening the other day.  Sadie has learned to tolerate Brady and I've seen them playing a little bit.  I will say though that "playing" involves Brady chasing Sadie all over the house.  It pretty funny to watch.

[two] I loved my commute home this week (strange I know...who loves their commute).  But I really did because I got catch up with some of my best friends via phone calls this week.  If you have a commute home, I highly recommend using that time to catch up with old friends.  It makes the drive go by so quickly!

[three] As mentioned Wednesday I'm obsessed with my new shoes from Old Navy and here is my outfit from wearing them.  Can't wait till these little babies are strolling the streets in Europe.

The sweater looks black in the picture but its really navy blue.

[four]  The 4th book in the Selection Series by Kiera Cass was released this week!  And if you read this post...you know that the Selection is one of my all time favorite young adult series.  I CANNOT wait to read The Heir.  If you haven't read them...you need to get on that ASAP.

[five] I know this is going to be shocking to all of you but I'm currently obsessed with travel.  I know you're thinking, "Travel?  You've never said anything about wanting/loving to travel, Kathleen. YOU'VE ONLY BEEN BRAGGING ABOUT IT SINCE OCTOBER!!"  lol  Sorry friends, I can't help it.  So because of said obsession I've been loving all the travel quotes I've been finding on Pinterest.  
Here are my favs:


So as of today we have 18 days of school left and 69 days until Eurotrip 2015.


Have a great weekend lovelies.  I have nothing planned and all my money has gone to my trip so I see a lot of Netflix binging happening this weekend.

I for one...am excited.

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