Oh Hey Friday!

Hello last Friday of the school year!  I seriously can't believe I'm typing that.  This time next week I will be home free and summer can finally begin.  Woo Hoo!

It's been a crazy and very short work week.  And I am glad to see the end of it! Now in typical Friday fashion I give you.......

[one] I had an unexpected day off on Tuesday.  Houston had some extremely bad weather at the beginning of the week.  We had massive flooding due to some severe thunderstorms on Monday night, Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning.  Thankfully there was no serious flooding near me but the same cannot be said for areas near downtown and in the Southwest part of the city.

[two] Some great cuddle sessions with Brady were had this week....like this one.  I call this his "draw me like one of our french girls pose." #titanicquote

[three] We hit the less the 50 day until Europe mark!  It's getting close y'all! So  close!

[four] I'm just so obsessed with this wall and the pictures I took there that I have to share one again.  To read all about this fun and funky place click here.

[five] These Pinterest finds:


I feel like I've posted this one before but its still relevant, so I'm posting it again. 

In July I plan to finally pamper myself and get a haircut and highlights.  This is what I want color wise! Love it.

Phil Dunphy is the best husband in the history of husbands.  

This weekend will be far more eventful then the last two simply because my finances are back to normal! Thank goodness! So I plan to see a movie and try a new restaurant!  
Have a great weekend lovelies! :)

Till Monday!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your extra day off and I really hope everything is drying off down there – I’ve heard some crazy and sad stories! Eeek! 50 days until Europe is SO close!! Enjoy the anticipation phase!


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