Oh Hey Friday!

It's the 2nd to last Friday of the school year AND we have a 3 day weekend!  I would say those are two very good reasons to be extremely happy that Friday is finally here.

So lets get right to my top 5 from the week!

[one] Monday, I saw this video on Facebook and it cracked me up for like 15 minutes.  (It's a 4 minute video)  But everything this guy is saying is 100% true.

[two] I was finally able to make a reservation at The Orangery at Kensington Palace for one of the afternoons we're in London.  Pretty sure this is one of the things I'm most excited for!
[three] We got out state testing scores this week.  I was slightly disappointed that more of my student's didn't pass.  But I was told that out of all the other teachers who teach the same level of students as I do, I had the highest percentage pass!  I was very excited when I heard that!  It means that even though its been rough year.....most of my students have learned something! :)

[four] Two excellent meals were eaten this week. Pork loin, salad, and broccoli.  And on Tuesday, in honor of her boyfriends birthday, Jenny made BBQ Brisket, Purple Potato salad, and creamed corn.  IT WAS AMAZING.  So amazing that I completely forgot to take a picture of it.  But I've eaten the leftovers for dinner the last two days.

[five] These quotes on Pinterest:

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend lovelies!!  I plan too! (Well as much as I can, considering I have zero extra funds to do anything remotely fun.  Thank you, EuroTrip.)

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  1. I bet The Orangery is going to be amazing! That's one of the things I wish we would have done while we were in London. Maybe next time...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the last quote! I've had a few friends go to Europe recently and they LOVED it! You deserve this awesome trip!


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