Oh Hey Friday

As you've probably noticed I was pretty absent from my little space of the internet this week.  Save for my amazing analysis of Naked and Afraid. Which you can read by clicking here. I just didn't have the motivation to blog much this week.  However, the week itself was VERY eventful.

And I am extremely happy to see Friday!  Obviously.  Who isn't happy when it's Friday.

Here are my top 5 for the usual link up!

[one] This was my favorite outfit from the week.  Everything you see in the picture is from Old Navy and will be coming with me to Europe.  It's they perfect comfy, casual walking around Europe outfit.  

[two] Brady got his little boys snipped on Wednesday.  I was supposed to try and prevent him from running, jumping, and using litter.  But none of those things were successful.   He is probably the most playful kitten I've ever met.  And I love it.

[three] I finally got my passport in.  I say finally but it actually came in really quickly.  It got to the agency on April 22 and was delivered to me May 13.  Pretty much 3 weeks...when the processing time on the State Department website says 4-6 weeks.  Win for me! :)  

[four] On another travel note...I am officially done paying off my trip!!!!  It is such a good feeling.  Because now all my money can go towards saving for actually being in Europe!  Plus it means the trip is like really happening! EEEKKKK!!!!!! 

[five] I went on my first Tinder date last night!  It went well.  The guy was very nice and friendly and a total gentlemen the entire time.  And he paid!  The conversation was good but I did find out that we don't have too much in common.  There wasn't really a spark.  And he reminds me of this guy I worked with at Disney who I did not care for at all.  So not sure if there will be another date.  But it was still an evening well spent.  

See eventful right!  And did I mention there are only 13 school days left?  Because there are.  

This weekend will find me working at a History Challenge and attending a birthday dinner.  Both of which I'm really looking forward to!  

Have a great weekend friends! :)


  1. I went on a couple of dates with my husband before I felt a spark (we actually got engaged less than two months later!). But if you just have a bad feeling and want to trust it, I don't blame you.

  2. Stopping by from the link up :)
    That's awesome you were able to get your passport so fast, it sounds like you are going to have an amazing trip!

  3. Love the look - Old Navy has had some fabulous stuff lately! Hope Brady is recovering well :) We're getting our little pup spayed the week after Memorial Day and I am so dreading it!

  4. It's great to hear your passport came so quickly, because renewing mine has been on my to-do list for awhile. I was so scared of Tinder for months but eventually gave into it, and wound up meeting my current boyfriend through it...so, you never know! :)

  5. I love the feel of a new passport. It's like a free ticket to an amazing adventure of your choosing.


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