Oh Hey Friday!

Y'all its May!  Where in the world is time going?

I can finally say we have 1 month of school left.  Those words have never sounded sweeter! :)

The week has flown by and now here's to hoping the next 4 weeks flies by as well.

For now though lets celebrate the fact that it's Friday with 5 awesome things from the week!

[one] My mental health day on Monday was totally what I needed to get ready to tackle these last few weeks of school.  In fact I will probably be taking another one before school is out.  Seriously if you worked at my school.....you would too.

[two] I found out that I actually really like my hair in natural waves.  If you know me, you know my hair is usually styled the exact same way.  Straight.  So I braided my hair when it was wet, slept on it and then shook it out the next day and I had the perfect natural waved hair.  Perfect hair I'm thinking for Europe this summer.

[three] I've been anxiously awaiting the news of Royal Baby number 2.  I probably check the websites from the UL every hour to see if there is news.  I was even checking yesterday while my students labeled maps.

[four] I found yet another travel inspired pin on Pinterest.  Because adventure is totally waiting for me this summer.

[five] I got a call for another interview in a school district closer to home.  And when I say closer to home I mean I could literally walk to this school if I had too.  The interview is on Tuesday and I am crossing my fingers because I haven't heard from the other school I interviewed at.  Good vibes and prayers are much appreciated!

Well there ya have it.  This weekend you will find me at one of my best friend's daughters 1st birthday party.  I also plan to see The Avengers and Age of Adeline.  And I just started a new book called, The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley so that is on my weekend to-do list as well.

Hope y'all have a great weekend lovelies!!

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Till Monday


  1. Good luck with your interview!!! A "walking commute" sounds pretty darn fantastic to me!!!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! Good luck with your interview!!

  3. Mental health dates are the best. Glad it helped you this week. A walking commute sounds awesome, I'm sure you'll rock your interview!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  4. All teachers need a mental health day at least once a month- it should be a law. Your hair looks so good! Mine is a hot, poofy mess if I sleep in a braid.

  5. Love mental health days! They benefit my students, too, because I come back re-energized.


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