The Weekend

We are now down to just 5 more Mondays where I have to get up and be a productive member of the work force.  5 MORE MONDAYS!!!  I have to keep telling myself that so I'll get my bum outta bed and go to work.  

Well my weekend panned out exactly as I predicted it would on Friday.  Very littler actually happened and it was just what I needed have a very stressful 2 weeks of work trying to get my 135 8th graders to realize that they needed to buckle down and study for their HUGE history test we have on Tuesday.  

Now it's in God's hands.  So I just pray they do well.  

Now the weekend highlights included:

-Lots and lots and lots of rain.  I'm not sure if many would consider this a highlight but it gave me a good excuse to not leave the house.

- Prepped for my job interview.  Yes, I'm happy to announce that I have an interview at a school closer to home on Wednesday! Wish me luck.

- I read 3...yes 3 books.  I finished up Once We Were Brothers.  And read two others.....I have a thing for cheesy historical romance novels.  And I haven't read one in a while because I haven't found a good author.  I've read all the goods ones.  So I was excited to finally find another author I liked in that genre.

-Both Saturday and Sunday morning looked like this:

- Watched Look Who's Talking Too.  Raise your hand if you've seen it.  Classic John Travolta/ Kristi Ally film.  Seriously it's one of my favorites.

- Observed as my two babies finally learned to at least be in the same room/within a few inches of each other.  Brady just wants to play and Sadie goes from I'll tolerate you to get the hell away from you pest in about 4 seconds.

- Cleaned. Cleaned. Cleaned

- Went to Target for some necessities.  But had no idea that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target was a one time only thing (Which explains all the early morning ladies who did know this information)  So missed the madness that was Target yesterday morning.  I'm a little bummed because there were two dresses, a swim suit, and this adorable cup set that I would have loved to have owned.

- Gave myself a much needed mani/pedi.  I am dying for a read mani/pedi but I'm forcing myself to wait until July.  I plan to give myself a full on girly day the week I leave for Europe, so everything if fresh.  I'm talking highlights, haircut....THE WORKS.  It will be glorious and much needed.

- Went looking for those famous Texas Bluebonnets to hone my photography skills.  We found a ton of fields...sadly no Bluebonnets. We found a few little patches but nothing like this:

Which is what I'm looking for. And no the Texas flag does not have to be flying majestically in the background.  Although that would be a plus!

So if any of you Houston/Texas bloggers know a good spot to catch a field of Bluebonnets please let me know.  This Texan hasn't seen a proper field of out state flower in many moons.

- Went to Bucee's after we couldn't find the Bluebonnets.  For all you that are unfamiliar, Bucee's is like this mega-gas station.  It can only be found in Texas (I think) and most Texans are obsessed with it.  We don't have one in El Paso so this was only my second time going to one.

-Cuddle a TON with this sweet baby.  I haven't showed off what makes him a Hemmingway Cat.  He has an extra toe? I guess that what it is on both his front paws. So it looks like he has little mittens for paws.  It's adorable.  Especially when he runs or ounces on things.  His little teeth are sharp as %&( though.  And boy does he like to use them.

Well that about covers it.  It was a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.  Exactly what I needed to prepare for what is sure to be an exhausting week.  It's state testing week.  Blegh. 

However I will be seeing one of my best friend in the entire world this weekend in Dallas!  So that is what is getting me through the week! :)

Have a great Monday!

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  1. The only bluebonnets I've seen around Houston are little patches along I-45 & I'm not even sure if those are there anymore. I'll try to remember to look sometime this week on my way home.

  2. I love Look Who's Talking (and the sequel Look Who's Talking Too)! I haven't seen either in forever...maybe next weekend. Fluffy historical romances are a weakness of mine as well. Who are your favorite authors? I tend to go for Christian authors Karen Witemeyer, Rachel Hauck, Deanne Gist, and Susan Meissner.


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