Oh Hey Friday!

Friday is here.  :) :) :) :) :)

And as such it's time to share my favorite from the week.  Linking up for:


[one] I basically planned our whole trip to Europe yesterday.  It was "movie" day in my classes after a very long 3 days of testing.  So I threw on a movie and spent my day planning where we would be going each day of our trip....including museums, castles, and parks.  I even bought our tickets for the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam! Somehow this just makes it even more real (even though I've been paying for this thing for the last 6 months.)

[two] I found out that I get to see my best friend Abby in just two weeks!  Her sister recently moved to Dallas and she's coming to visit.  So I'm driving up there for a nice three day week.  It's been a year since I've seen her face and I cannot WAIT to spend some time with her.

[three]  I pinned this to my Across the Pond in 2015 board and am obsessed with it.  I have a strong feeling that going to Europe this summer is going give me the travel bug real bad.  And this print adds to that like times a thousand.

[four] I had an interview on Wednesday and it went amazingly!!  Now it's just a waiting game to see if they decide to hire me or not.  So please send some good vibes and prayers into the world for me.  I really want to work closer to home.  And this school would be perfect!    I'm also attending a job fair tomorrow.  So who knows...maybe something will come of that too! :)

[five]  The #tbt made me very happy.  I miss Disney ya'll.  But more than that I miss my Disney family.  These girls especially. This is at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2011.  We were Camp Hope campers from the movie Heavyweights.  If you've never seen it...you haven't lived.  Get on it ASAP. It will change your life. #tonyperkis #heavyweights

[six]   (Because I can) Grey's Anatomy made me cry a thousand tears last night.  I was going to just DVR it and watch it on Saturday morning like I usually do, but then I saw people blowing up Facebook with things about it and I knew I couldn't wait.  WHY Shondra Rhimes and ABC WHY?!!!!!!!!!! I've been a Grey's Fan since college and I just don't know if the show is going to be worth watching now.  For a while it will be just to see how they have everyone deal with the loss but after that.  I just don't know.  (Don't wanna spoil it just in case any of you haven't heard what happened last night.  But just know...it was awful and made me cry and mad all at the same time.  Which means I ugly cried and it was gross.)

Well that's my five! :)  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 
Till Monday friends!

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  1. I love that travel quote! I can't wait to eventually get myself to Europe...
    And I am right there with you on the Grey's Anatomy thing, I haven't watched yesterdays episode but I did hear about the ending and I'm scared to watch :( I just don't know if I will want to keep watching the show anymore! So so sad.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love all of this! Especially as a true Disney lover! Excited I peeked in from the 5 on Friday (the name caught my eye). I love that travel quote too and think I may frame it for our new RV. Enjoy your travels and trip planning :)


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