Oh Hey Friday!

This was probably one of the most stressful weeks I've had all year.  (And by "year" I mean the school year not the actual "new year").  We had state wide testing on Monday and Tuesday and my 8th graders decided they did not need to listen to anything I said.  It was very frustrating and I wanted to quit right then and there.  But then I remembered that I only had 2 months left and that my paycheck is paying for my 2 and a half weeks in Europe so I thought.....better not.

Anywho....even with the very stressful week at work I had a pretty fantastic week outside of work.  Which is what kept me going all week!  That and the fact that I DON'T HAVE TO WORK TODAY! 
Yep, three day weekend.  

So here are my top 5s:

[one]  My best friend in the entire world had her sweet precious baby girl Lacey on Wednesday!  She had very smooth and easy delivery (thank goodness) and now she's a Mommy.  I am so unbelievably excited for her.  She really is going to be the best mom ever.  Sadly I have to wait until this summer to meet this sweet precious bundle but I've told her mom that I expect no less than 5 pictures a day! :)

[two] I spent about 2 hours in Barnes and Noble on Monday.  Due to the fact that I had a terrible day at work.  This place will always fix my bad mood and luckily I pass one on my way home from work.

(I'm dying to read The Girl on the Train, I've heard its amazing.)

[three] Salads have been my favorite thing lately.  I make a delicious Southwestern Chicken Salad and Jenny created a another delicious salad that I've been obsessed with and have eaten like 4 times this week.  It has lettuce (obviously), cranberries, walnuts, chicken, tomatoes, red onion, croutons, and is topped off with a Raspberry Vinaigrette.

[four] So much Netflix was watched this week.  I'm seriously tempted to just get rid of cable and ust have Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts.  But then I remember that I want to watch Bravo and HBO and I change my mind.  So as I was saying, I watched it so much the other day that it gave me this message in between episodes of House of Cards...."Go Outside."  I don't appreciate the judgement Netflix.  Oh and what's funny is I have friends who posted similar things about it.  One said Netflix reminded him to shower and spend time with family.  hilarious.

[five] Yesterday was Autism Awareness Day so I rocked some blue!  I have a some really good friends who's son Dom is Autistic and he is just the sweetest thing the world. Right now they are fundraising to get Dom a service dog.  To read more about Dom's story click here!  They are a fantastic family and any little bit helps! :)

[six] Because I had such a stressful week, I took a half day yesterday and it was delightful.  During my afternoon off it was decided that we are extending our trip in Europe!  After Rome, we will be heading to Florence!! :)  Turning our 16 days trip into an 18 day trip!

I've realized that even when there are shitty things happening in one area of your life the other areas of your life can be pretty fantastic.

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday and a wonderful long weekend.

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  1. Found you from the link up! That salad looks delicious and your friends baby is precious! Happy Friday!

  2. Can we talk about that head of hair on that baby?! Seriously made me tear up. So precious.


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