Owning It

A few weeks ago the sweet Christina over at The New Mrs. posted about "Owning It".  She listed all the little quirks about herself and told us that those quirks are what makes her her and she was owning it!  She explained that we should all love and embrace who we are and be proud of the little things that make us so unique.

I absolutely loved this idea so when she told us she would be doing a link up I knew I had to jump on board.

I will always love Disney.  Doesn't matter if I'm 13 or 85.  Disney will always ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart.

I hate buying things like cleaning supplies and toiletries.  Those things should totally just be free or something.  I have better things to spend my money on.  Like nail polish and fudge bars.

I love being a teacher, but I constantly find myself thinking of other jobs I want to have.  For example I think it would be amazing to work for the State Department, or to be a writer, or to be a travel blogger, or own a bed and breakfast, or work in PR for a sports team, or be the curator at a muesum.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm in the car solo is belt out Disney songs.  My favorite song to sing is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I even do all the voices.  I'm sure it very entertaining to watch.

I've thought that my cat Sadie has either been missing or runaway 3 different times and my reaction each time has been to completely freak out and start bawling.  It happened last night.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  And it turns out, she was in the dryer. #greatpetowner

The opinion that matters the most to me is that of my parents.  To this day I rarely make any decisions without asking their opinion first.  I also am still scared of making my parents mad.  

I can spend literally all day in bed and not feel guilty about it at all.  It's my favorite thing to do.

I'm not a big jewelry person.  I wear the same watch and ring everyday.  I have 2 necklaces that I switch out and like 3 pairs of earrings.  Two of which look exactly the same but are different colors.  

I've lived in my house for almost a year and I still haven't hung anything on the walls.  I also bought a cute stool for my vanity, it's red and has black and white checkers on the seat cushion.  I told myself I was going to paint it/re-upholster it, yeah I still haven't done it.  The rest of my room is pink, white, and light green.

I like going to the movie alone.

I don't wash my face before bed.  I'm just too tired and it takes way too much effort to do it before I go to bed, I just do it in the shower the next morning.

I am ridiculously excited for Royal Baby number 2.  When Prince George was born I watched a live feed of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's hospital and took pictures when they came out like I was actually there.  I plan to do the something with the new baby.

I still eat Ramen noodles.  I don't care what anyone says they are delicious.

Speaking of food, nothing is better to me than a good ol ham sandwich and chips.  I could eat one everyday if I had to.

I always have to have something to look forward to.  It helps make time pass so much more quickly.  Especially if you are in the middle of something particularly unpleasant.  I'm looking forward to summer, seeing my best friend's baby girl for the first time, our family reunion in July and obviously EUROPE! 

Well there ya have it.  Just a few of the my quirks that I'm publicly owning today! 

Thanks for hosting such a fun link up Christina! :)

Crazy Cat Lady

So I think it's official y'all.  I've become a crazy cat lady.

Why?  Well on Friday I took out my fancy shamancy camera and had a mini photo shoot with my cats.  Well mostly Brady, because Sadie was pretty uninterested and all she did was sit in the window sill and wait for Brady to come and attack her.  

But I did get some incredibly adorable shots of Brady so I had to share them. 

He is just the cutest!! :)

This one could be a Toms ad.  Save for the fax that my Toms are really really dirty. Gross.

These two.  I have a ton of pictures like this.  But I like this one because both their front paws are off the ground.  Reminds me of the Lion King.  They are slowly but surely getting to like each other.  Read: SLOWLY.....but surely.

He love his big sister! Especially playing with her tail.  She on the other hand doesn't love it so much.

This one is my favorite.

Check out those mittens for paws.  It's what makes him a Polydactyl cat aka a Hemingway Cat, he has 6 toes on his two front paws.  Polydactyl cats were most commonly found around ports and on ships in New England and Wales. Sailors found them to be lucky charms for them while at sea.  Polydactyl cats (I prefer calling them Hemingway cats...sounds better) are know for the hunting and climbing skills (fantastic news for me.)  According to history, a ship captain gave Ernest Hemingway a polydactyl cat and he basically became obsessed with them.  In fact his home in the Keys, is now a refuge for cats, most of which are descendants of the original cat given to him by the ship captain.  About half of those cats are polydactyl cats.  Thus why they received the nickname Hemingway Cats.

There ya go...your history lesson for the day.

He has recently discovered a basket we have next to our couch.  It's where we keep blankets.  It's become his new favorite nap places.

So far Brady has been an excellent addition to my little family.  Jenny loves him, Maggie love him (that's Jenny's dog), I love him, and eventually Sadie will love him.

My parents will be taking care of both cats this summer.  It's just easier for them to stay with the parentals rather than have to lug them around Texas all summer.  Especially since I'll be out of the country the last two weeks in July (bah....I still get excited when I say that).

One last thing before I wrap this up....I don't actually think of myself as a crazy cat lady.  Even though I'm 90% sure most of my friends do.  I love my kitties and cannot imagine not having them in my life.  And I'm glad Sadie has a friend now.  Should of gotten her one a long time ago.

So what do y'all think?  Crazy cat lady or perfectly sane normal 27 year old gal?

The Weekend

And why is it ok do you ask?  Because I am currently laying in bed watching Charmed (they show re-runs every morning on TNT) and drinking a lovely cup of coffee because I decided I needed a mental health day.  Last week was completely exhausting.  #27daysofschoolleft

I just can't get over the fact that in 27 days I will get to do this every morning.  It will be glorious.

Alrighty well here is a a recap of some of my weekend highlights:

- Brady and I had a photo shoot in my room.  I plan to share them in a post laster this week.  (Yes I'm that girl who has taken picture of her cats and is going to show them off' on her blog.)  Here is a preview:

God I love having a nice camera.  I cannot wait to use this baby in Europe.

- Went to a job fair to hopefully get a job in a district closer to my house.  It went really well.  I even had an interview with a high school so now I just get the pleasure of waiting for a phone call.  Here was my interview attire:

-Finished up the Testing series that I mentioned in this post.  It ended fairly predictably.  But I did enjoy the series overall.

- Watched as Jenny tried to get Brady to walk on a leash for the first time.  This was the result. (I really hope this video plays for you because it is hilarious.)

- Binged more of The Office.

- Researched more of our trip and found out that I am very excited to see Lake Como, Italy.  The pictures I've found are breathtaking.  See for yourself.  I have no idea how I'm going to go back to everyday life after this trip.

- Did my weekend cleaning spree.  I love this routine.  There is nothing better than a clean living space.

- Took more selfies with Brady. (Don't worry, once he grows out of his adorable stage I'll stop posting so many pictures of him on the blog.)

-Watched Game of Thrones.  I feel like things are FINALLY starting to pick up.  I think the last two episodes have been kinda slow. One of my goals this summer is to read the books. 

I had a very laid back weekend.  Which is good because laid back weekends mean I'm not spending money, which mean I'm saving it.  

Well friends, have a great Monday.  I'm going to go enjoy my mental health day with some reading and grocery shopping.

Till tomorrow! :)

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Oh Hey Friday!

Friday is here.  :) :) :) :) :)

And as such it's time to share my favorite from the week.  Linking up for:


[one] I basically planned our whole trip to Europe yesterday.  It was "movie" day in my classes after a very long 3 days of testing.  So I threw on a movie and spent my day planning where we would be going each day of our trip....including museums, castles, and parks.  I even bought our tickets for the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam! Somehow this just makes it even more real (even though I've been paying for this thing for the last 6 months.)

[two] I found out that I get to see my best friend Abby in just two weeks!  Her sister recently moved to Dallas and she's coming to visit.  So I'm driving up there for a nice three day week.  It's been a year since I've seen her face and I cannot WAIT to spend some time with her.

[three]  I pinned this to my Across the Pond in 2015 board and am obsessed with it.  I have a strong feeling that going to Europe this summer is going give me the travel bug real bad.  And this print adds to that like times a thousand.

[four] I had an interview on Wednesday and it went amazingly!!  Now it's just a waiting game to see if they decide to hire me or not.  So please send some good vibes and prayers into the world for me.  I really want to work closer to home.  And this school would be perfect!    I'm also attending a job fair tomorrow.  So who knows...maybe something will come of that too! :)

[five]  The #tbt made me very happy.  I miss Disney ya'll.  But more than that I miss my Disney family.  These girls especially. This is at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2011.  We were Camp Hope campers from the movie Heavyweights.  If you've never seen it...you haven't lived.  Get on it ASAP. It will change your life. #tonyperkis #heavyweights

[six]   (Because I can) Grey's Anatomy made me cry a thousand tears last night.  I was going to just DVR it and watch it on Saturday morning like I usually do, but then I saw people blowing up Facebook with things about it and I knew I couldn't wait.  WHY Shondra Rhimes and ABC WHY?!!!!!!!!!! I've been a Grey's Fan since college and I just don't know if the show is going to be worth watching now.  For a while it will be just to see how they have everyone deal with the loss but after that.  I just don't know.  (Don't wanna spoil it just in case any of you haven't heard what happened last night.  But just know...it was awful and made me cry and mad all at the same time.  Which means I ugly cried and it was gross.)

Well that's my five! :)  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 
Till Monday friends!

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Eurotrip 2015: What to Pack

One of my favorite parts of going on vacation is packing.  Because when you pack it means the countdown is finally over and you are on your way to your destination.  

Plus I love getting all the things I will taking with me together, laying it all out on my bed, taking a picture of it to post on Instagram (obviously), and then placing it all neatly in my suitcase.  There is just something so satisfying about that routine.  

So when we booked our Eurotrip I immediately went to Pinterest for tips on packing for two weeks in Europe.

Through Pinterest I've been able to come up with a list of what I want to take with me one my trip.  I've taken most of my tips from here, here, and here.  And here's the top three things I've figured out when it comes to packing with for Europe:

1. Pack pieces that allow you to mix and match.
2. Europeans don't where tennis shoes, so you've got to find other comfy shoes to bring.
3. You won't need as much as you think you will.

Now that last one is going to be especially difficult for me because I am totally guilty of overpacking pretty much every time I travel. So I'm planning out what I'm going to pack now so when it comes time to actually pack, I don't pack too much.

So what exactly do I plan to pack do you ask?

Here is my list:

Shirts:  2 blouses, 2 cotton T-shirt, 1 chambray shirt
Bottoms: 1 pair of skinny jeans, 1 pair of colored pants, 1 printed skirt
Dresses: 2-3 cotton dresses
Jacket: 1 casual jacket
Scarves: 2-3 (I've read this are perfect for the airplane, to change up an outfit, and for church visits.
Cardigans: 2 - in solid colors
Shoes: 2 pairs of Toms, 1 pair of flats, Sperry's, 1 pair of sandels.

Thankfully I have most of the things I plan to pack, but I will be purchasing the items in the picture above.  

-2 cotton dresses - These two are from Old Navy and will be purchased ASAP.  They're exactly what I'm looking for.
-1 colored cardigan- most likely pink but black or mint green would be nice too.
-Another pair of Toms -  I think I want them in grey.  I feel like grey would go with just about anything.  And I really like this lace grey ones.
-A new piece of luggage- My mom got me new luggage 2 Christmas's ago.  And one of the wheels fell off the largest piece of luggage at the airport at some point during my last few trips.  womp womp.  Plus I would like something a little sturdier since it'll be drug across 6 countries.

Packing for this trip is going to be so fun.  I want pieces that will be cute in pictures (obviously) but comfortable at the same time.  From what I can tell the weather should be warm maybe even hot on some occasions. So breathable shirts are going to be a must as well.

I plan to take pictures of all the things I'll be packing and sharing a post on that as it gets closer.

If you've been to Europe, what were your must haves/best things to bring with you on your trip?  I'm eating up all the advice I can get! :)

84 DAYS!!!

Tuesday Teacher Thoughts

This week is STAAR testing week for the state of Texas.  AKA the most stressful week of the whole school year.

It's the week that teachers from grades 3-8 can tell if their students have been listening for the last 8 months.  And lemme tell you.....I don't think the majority of my students were listening at all.

Now obviously that's a joke (kinda sorta) but seriously sometimes I wonder if these kids of mine have ears and brains in general.  Keep in mind these are 13/14 (in some case 15) year olds who are going through about 1000 different emotions every day.  Which I can totally relate to because you know I was an 8th grader once too.  But it can get real rough in my class listening/talking to my kiddos.

Allow me to demonstrate some of the frustrations and thoughts we teachers go through via some very funny memes.


All day everyday with that one. 

You would not believe how often this happens.  Some of my 8th graders have the attention span of a......monkey?  Sometimes I'm pretty sure they ask me a question just to get me off topic which happens pretty often. The kids don't hate it.

If this isn't my answer, I'll have 5 different student asking me to leave the classroom.  I don't have time for that.

That is when my students remember to ask me what they missed.  Which they never do.  And then they want to know why they have a bad grade.  

"Ms. why did you give me that grade."  Ummmm....did you study for test?  No?  Oh ok tell me again how I "gave" you that grade.  Yeah, you earned that grade. 

Of course I know what you're doing!!!!! I used to be you and did the exact same thing.  In fact I did it at the faculty meeting last week.  So yeah I know when you're on your phone.  Plus no one just looks at their crotch and smiles.  No one.

Since the beginning of the year we've had bell work.  Everyday I have to remind them that they should be doing said bell work when they come into my room.  You'd think they'd have figured it out by now....but they haven't.

Story of my life this year.  I refuse to talk over my students.  If the whole room isn't silent then I stand there with the "Grumpy Cat" look on my face until they are quite.   I'm surprised my face hasn't frozen into that look yet.

It's fine I'll wait. I'm on your time not my time after all.

This one is my personal favorite.  Give you extra work is giving me extra work.  How about we stick to doing the regular work so neither of us have extra work. K thanks.


Now don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE being a teacher.  It has so many rewards but like any job there are many stressful moments. (Especially this year at the school I've been at)  

Lots of teachers hang the memes I've shared in their classrooms.  Which I think is a fantastic idea if only to bring little humor into the room.  And that's what I'm trying to bring into this post.  A little humor to some very real thoughts that I guarantee all teachers feel.  

Am I right my fellow teachers? Yep, I'm right! 

Now I'm off to watch my students take a test that I'm not allowed to help them on nor am I allowed to do anything but walk around the room and make sure no one is cheating or talking.......for about 6 hours straight.  It's literally the worst thing ever. 

Wish me luck!  :)

The Weekend

We are now down to just 5 more Mondays where I have to get up and be a productive member of the work force.  5 MORE MONDAYS!!!  I have to keep telling myself that so I'll get my bum outta bed and go to work.  

Well my weekend panned out exactly as I predicted it would on Friday.  Very littler actually happened and it was just what I needed have a very stressful 2 weeks of work trying to get my 135 8th graders to realize that they needed to buckle down and study for their HUGE history test we have on Tuesday.  

Now it's in God's hands.  So I just pray they do well.  

Now the weekend highlights included:

-Lots and lots and lots of rain.  I'm not sure if many would consider this a highlight but it gave me a good excuse to not leave the house.

- Prepped for my job interview.  Yes, I'm happy to announce that I have an interview at a school closer to home on Wednesday! Wish me luck.

- I read 3...yes 3 books.  I finished up Once We Were Brothers.  And read two others.....I have a thing for cheesy historical romance novels.  And I haven't read one in a while because I haven't found a good author.  I've read all the goods ones.  So I was excited to finally find another author I liked in that genre.

-Both Saturday and Sunday morning looked like this:

- Watched Look Who's Talking Too.  Raise your hand if you've seen it.  Classic John Travolta/ Kristi Ally film.  Seriously it's one of my favorites.

- Observed as my two babies finally learned to at least be in the same room/within a few inches of each other.  Brady just wants to play and Sadie goes from I'll tolerate you to get the hell away from you pest in about 4 seconds.

- Cleaned. Cleaned. Cleaned

- Went to Target for some necessities.  But had no idea that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target was a one time only thing (Which explains all the early morning ladies who did know this information)  So missed the madness that was Target yesterday morning.  I'm a little bummed because there were two dresses, a swim suit, and this adorable cup set that I would have loved to have owned.

- Gave myself a much needed mani/pedi.  I am dying for a read mani/pedi but I'm forcing myself to wait until July.  I plan to give myself a full on girly day the week I leave for Europe, so everything if fresh.  I'm talking highlights, haircut....THE WORKS.  It will be glorious and much needed.

- Went looking for those famous Texas Bluebonnets to hone my photography skills.  We found a ton of fields...sadly no Bluebonnets. We found a few little patches but nothing like this:

Which is what I'm looking for. And no the Texas flag does not have to be flying majestically in the background.  Although that would be a plus!

So if any of you Houston/Texas bloggers know a good spot to catch a field of Bluebonnets please let me know.  This Texan hasn't seen a proper field of out state flower in many moons.

- Went to Bucee's after we couldn't find the Bluebonnets.  For all you that are unfamiliar, Bucee's is like this mega-gas station.  It can only be found in Texas (I think) and most Texans are obsessed with it.  We don't have one in El Paso so this was only my second time going to one.

-Cuddle a TON with this sweet baby.  I haven't showed off what makes him a Hemmingway Cat.  He has an extra toe? I guess that what it is on both his front paws. So it looks like he has little mittens for paws.  It's adorable.  Especially when he runs or ounces on things.  His little teeth are sharp as %&( though.  And boy does he like to use them.

Well that about covers it.  It was a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.  Exactly what I needed to prepare for what is sure to be an exhausting week.  It's state testing week.  Blegh. 

However I will be seeing one of my best friend in the entire world this weekend in Dallas!  So that is what is getting me through the week! :)

Have a great Monday!

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I'm taking a mental health day from the blog.  Ok I've taken three but hey my blog, my rules. :)

I hope you all have a fantastic day and a fabulous weekend!

My week has been a ball full of stress because I'm getting my kids ready for their big US History test next week.  I'm mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.  Thus the small break from my little space of the internet. 

I plan to use the weekend to relax, see the famous Texas Bluebonnets and read.  Not in that order.

Till Monday friends!