Oh Hey Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

Sorry for my absence the last two days.  My parents and I drove up to College Station and spent some time with my uncle and aunt and I didn't bring my computer with me.

This week it was super easy to come up with 5 of my favorite things!

[one] It's been a great Spring Break.  It was really nice having my parents in town for the week.  Unfortunately it rained the entire time so we spent a lot of time indoors.  My dad is a huge fan of the horse races so on Tuesday we spent the afternoon at Sam Houston Race Track.  I use the phrase "spent the afternoon" lightly because my mom and I were only there about an hour before we hit the closest mall! Dad had fun though!

[two] These spring flowers made me very happy.  My aunt put together this super cute bouquet.  I thought the bright touch of spring added to much to the dreary day we had on Wednesday.

[three] I was pretty disappointed with the rain because I wanted to take my new camera out and test it in the sunshine.  But it has literally been overcast and rainy all week.  But I did play around with my camera some this week.  Here are some of the shots I took.

In the two pictures above I was playing around outside.  The top picture has a smaller aperture and the bottom picture has a larger aperture.  Smaller means you'll have a blurred background and larger means you'll have everything in the frame in focus.  I also out the flash on because it was pretty overcast outside.

Dad made a seafood chowder that I snapped a few pictures of.  It was solo tasty!

These two were just for fun.  That bottom picture is cotton!  My aunt and uncle had a bushel of cotton as decor in their front living room.  It was really neat seeing the cotton used as home decor.

[four] A second Game of Thrones trailer was released this week and it has made me even more excited for this season.  I'm gonna need April 12 to hurry the heck up!

[five] Last night the families (my parents, Jenny, her boyfriend, and her parents) went to a restaurant called Taste of Texas.  I was a super yummy steakhouse that is pretty well known in Houston and it was delicious!  It had this plaque in front of the entrance that we found pretty hilarious. #historynerds

Overall pretty sweet week/Spring Break.  I am NOT excited to go back to work on Monday but as my Dad told me over the weekend, "Don't think about that! Enjoy each day as it comes."  So that's what I'm gonna do.  Enjoy the rest of Spring Break!

Have a great weekend friends! Fingers crossed the sun finally decides to show it's lovely face!

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  1. That bouquet of flowers is super bright and cheery! I need to get some for our house to make it come alive a bit more!
    I didn't realize Game of Thrones was coming back on April 12th! Thats my anniversary....nothing says romance like watching GoT hahah.
    Have a great weekend--enjoy your last few hours of Spring Break freedom!!

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  3. which camera did you purchase!? Im on a hunt this weekend for a DSLR! Enjoy the rest of your Spring break!

  4. which camera did you purchase!? Im on a hunt this weekend for a DSLR! Enjoy the rest of your Spring break!

  5. YAY! Just started following you on GFC! Cheers, lovely!!! Looking forward to reading along! xx


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