Tasty Tuesday: A Semi-Homemade Pasta Dish

A few weeks ago the roommate decided to cook all the food in our fridge that was about to go bad.  She made some lentils and ground beef with garlic, she made some chicken and she cooked up some sweet peppers and spicy italian sausage.

Later that week I decided to throw said sweet peppers and sausage into some spaghetti sauce and WA-LA, one of our new favorite meals was born.

And now I'm going to share it with you! :)

Sweet Peppers (I bought a bag of small multi-colored bell peppers) Orange, Red, and Yellow.
Italian Sausage links (I don't like mine too spicy so we went for mild)
Spaghetti Sauce (Prego- Fresh Mushroom is what I used)
Olive Oil
Pasta of choice (I used linguini because that's all we had)

One// Cut up your peppers.  We used small peppers but you can buy large ones too.

Two// Get your sauce pan ready and sauté the peppers.  Pour Olive Oil into the sauce pan.  Enough to completely cover the bottom of the pan.  (Jenny doesn't really measure anything she just eye-balls it!)

Then dump all your peppers into the pan.

Three// Add salt and pepper to the top of the peppers. Again no exact measurements just sprinkle a good amount over the top.  With bother the salt and pepper.

Four// Sauté your peppers for about 20 minutes.

Five// Cook your sausage links in the same pan you cooked the peppers in.  Jenny split these so they would cook faster.  Eventually you'll cut them into bite size pieces so it doesn't matter what they look like when you cook them.

Jenny cooked the sausage and peppers on Sunday night and then last night I added them to the pasta sauce and cooked the pasta.

Six// Cook your pasta. (obviously, I didn't think this needed a picture)  I used linguini but any type of pasta would work with this sauce.

Seven// Cut up your sausage into bite sized pieces.  Then add the peppers and sausage to your favorite spaghetti sauce.  I used Prego - Fresh Mushroom because it was on sale at Kroger.

Eight// Throw the pasta and sauce together and you have yourself a meal! You can serve it with a salad and some garlic bread and it will be even tastier. :)

It really is a very tasty meal!  Its super easy and quick and will feed 2-4 people.   We've made it twice now and Jenny has said that she would pay $15 for this same meal at a restaurant.

Once again cooking is done by Jenny and the photos are done by moi!

Enjoy friends!

The Weekend


Now the only reason I'm happy it's Monday is because: one it's a only a four day week, no school for Good Friday and two we're going through state testing today and tomorrow so it's going to be a pretty easy week.  It will be a semi-relaxing two days.  And pretty boring because all I can do is watch my students take the state test.  Boring.  But it's a 4 day week! WOO HOO

So my weekend was great! Here were the highlights!

- Finished up Season 2 of House of Cards.  Holy jeeze this show is amazing.  And I've heard that the end of season 3 is even more amazing and shocking.

- I attended an animal shelter adoption event at the Houston Midtown Eatery with the roomie and some friends. Jenny is on the board of a non-kill shelter called Special Pals in Katy.  If you live in Houston and are interested in adopting a cat or dog they have a ton of adorable pets looking for good homes!

- It was officially decided that I myself will be adopting this adorable little kitten!  Say hello to Brady!  He will be joining my little family in a few weeks.  He's about 3 weeks old right now and as soon as he is weaned off his momma he gets to come home with me!  #sadieandbrady

- Tried out a restaurant I've never been to this weekend.  It's called Jimmy Chongas.   It's a mexican food restaurant.  Good but nothing to write home about.

-Hung out with some Disney friends who also moved to Houston when I did last July.

- Pictures for another outfit post were taken. Be on the look out for my first one later this week!

- Some polishing was done in the Essie color Butler Please.  I don't usually go for blues on my nails (I'm more of a pink and red kinda girl) but I got this for my birthday and really like it!

- Lots of time was spent outside because the weather was amazing this weekend.  Makes me very excited for summer.

-Went to the Houston Kite Festival at Hermann Park.  It was the first time I had ever flown a kite and it made me want to watch Mary Poppins.

- Watched more of The Office - can I just say that if you haven't seen Season 3 Episode 1 of this show you need to get on that asap.  It is HILARIOUS.  (I may or may not be watching it as I type this.)

- First time in months I've been able to wear shorts because of the amazing weather we had this weekend.

Very nice little weekend!  Lots of time spent out of doors which was lovely.  Lots of time was spent with friends and little fur babies which was even lovelier.  Hope you had a great weekend too! :)

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Oh Hey Friday!

Happy Friday lovelies!

I just love waking up on Friday's because I know that I don't have to wake up early the next day.  It is probably one of my favorite things about Fridays.  I am so ready for the weekend.  But first, it is time to share my top 5 from this week.

[one] This was a fantastic mail week!  I got a few belated birthday gifts in the mail from three very sweet friends.  They included:

This adorable print from my friend Whitney.  She blogs over at Writing on a Whim and you should totally check out her little space of the internet.

My friend Lauren sent me a bag of goodies for my desk, some lotion and body spray, and the cutest travel themed notecards.

And my bestie Jordan, sent me a "Bestie Birthday Box" with some things she thought I could use on my trip!  It was so fun to take everything out of the box and see what she had put in there!

The box included: an adorable Parisian inspire blouse, Flat Jordan: to come along on our Eurotrip this summer, travel makeup remover whips, Starbucks instant coffee, allergy meds (lord knows I need those),  travel Downy wrinkle release, an raised eye sleeping mask (which is soo comfortable), lens cleaning wipes, travel deodorant, hand sanitizer, Essie spring nail polish, a super cute luggage tag, and a passport holder!

All of which will be placed in my carry on come July!

My favorite thing in the box was this lock.  It's to put on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris!

[two] I just restarted watching The Office on Netflix and it is everything. I've never seen the entire series so I'm pretty excited.  I can't even count how many times I've laughed in the last 3 days.

[three] I found out this week that these azaleas grow right outside our house.  I literally had zero clue that come Spring we would have any sort of flowers in our front yard.  It was s delightful surprise to find them.

[four] It was officially announced that Season 6 will be the last season of Downton Abbey.  Worst. News. EVER.  I do not want this show to end.  We still have a whole year before we officially have to saw goodbye.  But when that day comes....all the tears will come.

[five] I loved two of my outfits this week.  And if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should! :) ) then you've already seen them but if not, here they are.

Dress: Old Navy
Jean jacket: Old Navy
Leopard flats: Target
Necklace: Loft

This outfit will be the subject of my very first outfit post next week!! AH! Never done one before so I'm semi-nervous, but really excited! :)

Now it's off to work I go.  Hope you each have a fabulous weekend!  No major plans for me, just going to enjoy the weekend.

Till Monday! :)

To All Who Come To This Happy Place....Welcome!

This time last year, my friend Katie and I were on a week long Spring Break trip in California.   And Timehop (the best app ever. Seriously if you don't have it...get it) keeps reminding me of the amazing time we had.  

We started in LA/Anahiem.  Where we did the following: Stayed in the Lowes Hollywood Hotel, saw a movie in Grauman's Chinese Theatre, took a celebrity homes tour, went on the Warner Brother's Studio Tour (where we saw the real Central Perk from the Friends' set!) and realized how awful LA traffic is.  

We took one day to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco.  It was beautiful but awful at the same time.  Unless I am NOT doing the driving I will not doing that again.

We ended in San Francisco.  Where we went on a tour of the Disney Family Museum, saw the Google building, went on a double decker bus tour of all the major sites, saw lots of homeless people, had amazing crab at a restaurant in Fisherman's Wharf, ate ice cream at the original Ghirardelli, went to the Golden Gate Bridge, saw lots of homeless people, ate at In & Out Burger, and wished we had known we should have booked a tour of Alcatraz in advance.

It was a pretty fantastic week.  

Oh and obviously we went to DISNEYLAND!  

I didn't want to overload this post with a ton of pictures from the trip, because I took a ton.  But I can't resist sharing my pictures from Disneyland.  I absolutely fell in love with Disneyland.  Mostly because you can actually feel Walt's presences there. 

Disneyland has a completely different feel then Disney World.  They are both equally magical but I don't know there is just something about Disneyland that feels much more special.  

So I give you the Disney side of our California Trip in pictures.

-Tour of the Disney Studios lot.  One of the perks of being a Cast Member is that if you work for any part of the Walt Disney Company, you have access to every part of the company. All you have to do is flash your ID to the guard at the gate and BOOM you're in.

That was our first stop.

The Courtyard of the Studio has a collection of all the Disney Legend hands and Cecily Rigdon was the first person Walt chose to be a Guest Relations Cast Member.

This here is Katie!  She is one of the funniest, kindest, most entertaining friends I have.  I am so glad I got to go on this trip with her.  This is the most famous corner of the Disney lot.  We were simply giddy thinking of all the times Walt probably strolled past this corner.

One of my other bestest friends in the entire world actually works at Disneyland and she acted as our unofficial tour guide through the studios.  She took us into some of the original animation buildings and we showed us some of the sound stages where films like Mary Poppins were filmed.

We spent two full days at Disneyland.  We split both days between California Adventure and Disneyland.  

First up is California Adventure.

Highlights: California Screamin, Cars Land, the Animation Building, Aladdin Live on Stage, Mickey's Fun Wheel (pictures below) and the food!  The overall atmosphere is great at this park.  It's very old California Hollywood.

This park also has an amazing water show called World of Color.  We were completely exhausted by show time but it was completely worth it.


We started our morning in Disneyland but taking the Walking in Walt's Footsteps guided tour.  We got to hear some fun background stories of Walt and Disneyland (most of which I had heard before).  We were supposed to get a tour of Club 33 but it was closed for refurbishment so that was a bummer.  BUT we got the opportunity to see Walt's Apartment above the fire station in Town Square.  It was probably the most magical thing I've ever done at Disney.

We watched Mickey's Soundsational Parade and it was amazing.  So fun and upbeat. And the costuming and floats were perfect!

Here were a few of my favorite floats!

Katie and I decided to go all out and be super touristy and get our faces painted.  We were probably about 20 years older than all the other kids who were getting their faces painted. :)

And of course no Disney trip is complete without a Mickey Premium bar.

The trip was simply magical and I cannot wait for the day when I'll be able to go back to Disneyland.  
Now excuse me while I go daydream about being back there while my students take a test.

Have a magical day friends! :)

Tasty Tuesday: The Best Soup You Will Ever Eat

For my birthday my wonderful roommate, Jenny made me dinner.  We decided not go out to eat because it was a school night and I'm old lady and am usually exhausted by 5:30 pm and just want to stay home on my couch.

Jenny asked me what I wanted her to make in honor of the day and I immediately knew I wanted her to make Chicken Tortilla Soup or as Ina Garten calls it Mexican Chicken Soup.  You can find the original recipe by clicking here.  But I'm going to share with you Jenny's recipe.  She follows it pretty closely save for the homemade tortilla strips.

Food is by Jenny's magical hands.  Photography is by yours truly! :)

2 whole chicken breasts
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
2 cups chopped onions
1 cup chopped celery
2 cups chopped carrots
2 1/2 quarts chicken stock
3 jalapeño peppers
4 large garlic cloves
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander seed
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
1 can whole tomatoes in puree

Now, Jenny decided to just use all the carrots in that bag and all the celery.  So our soup was very chunky.  But I like it that way.  If you don't, then definitely stick to the amounts above.

One// Take your two chicken breasts and season with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Then toss them in the oven for 30-40 minutes.  The chicken is going to be absolutely delicious.  I promise.  It took all we had to not just eat the chicken before putting it in the soup.

Two// You'll need a large pan like this one or something similar to cook the soup in.

Three// While the chicken is in the oven, you prep all your veggies.  Chop the celery,  peal and chop the carrots, and onion (forgot to snap a picture of the onion chopping).  These all get thrown into a mixing bowl.  Place to the side.

Four// Mince your 4 garlic cloves.  Then de-seed and chop your jalapeños.

Five// Next pour  about 3 tablespoons of olive oil into your soup put.  Add your mixing bowl of onions, carrots, and celery into your soup pot and start to sauté them.

Six// While those are sautéing take you can of whole tomatoes and "squish" them with your hands to make them chunkier pieces.  Then add the jalapeños, garlic, cumin,  and coriander to the mix.

Seven// By this time the chicken will be ready to go. Take it out of the oven and let it cool for a few minutes and get ready to shred it!

Eight// Pour your chicken stock into your soup pot with the veggies.  Pour your tomatoes mix into your soup after the chicken stock, followed by the more salt, pepper, and the chopped cilantro.

Nine// Take the cooled chicken and shred it into a mixing bowl.  (We just used the same bowl from the tomatoes and veggies.

Ten//  Throw your chicken in that pot and all that yumminess cook for about 20 or minutes.

Eleven// Serve and garnish with cheese and my personal favorite avocado.  I also threw some southwest tortilla strips that I use for salads in my bowl.  It was delightful!

Well there ya have it.  Total with prep and everything the soup takes about an hour .  Super easy prep though and the outcome is delicious.  We have a ton of left overs and so will you if you follow the recipe.

Enjoy friends! :)

PS. I'm am totally LOVING my new camera!  I've been practicing a ton and learning a ton.  Photography is so fun. Def found a new hobby! Happy Tuesday.