high five for friday

It's finally Friday and that means one thing and one thing only!

The day after tomorrow I will be sailing away on a cruise ship for the Bahamas!  WOO HOO!!!!!

This time around I will be on a Disney cruise! (Last cruise I did was Carnival, which you can read about here.  Although there are no pictures attached anymore and I'm not 100% sure why. womp womp)

I think I may be even more excited for this cruise then I was for the last, solely because it's Disney.  Plus all my co-workers who have been on a Disney cruise have simply raved about them.  So I know it's gonna be good.

So on this last post before I sail away, I am of course, going to share my top 5 things from this week! Linking up with Lauren at From my Grey Desk!

1. Mornings with this little one are my favorite. (Yes she is practically laying on my head!)
2. A Texas fav has made its way to Florida and I enjoyed a lovely lunch with some fun friends.
3. My new favorite section of Target.  I'll take one of each please!
4. I bought my very first romper at Target and am excited to wear it on the ship. As well a few other completely necessary items.
5. Wednesday was National Siblings Day and so I posted this gem in honor of the day.  

I'll be absent from my little corner of the internet until Thursday!  So have a wonderful weekend and week! 

Bon Voyage! :)


  1. Please have SO MUCH FUN on the cruise! I expect tons of pictures when you get back :)

    Love yaaa!

  2. HAVE SO MUCH FUN ON YOUR CRUISE (ya ya Jess and I like all caps)

    LOVE your romper and target gift section, and you.
    Happy FRIDAY!

  3. A cruise in the Bahamas sounds like the perfect way to kick off spring. :) And I LOVE that romper. So cute. :)

    Have a great trip!

  4. stopping by from H54F!! Your blog is so stinkin cute!!

    Have so much fun on the cruise to the bahamas!!! I just posted today that I am starting my countdown to my cruise to the Bahamas the first week in may!

    cant wait to hear about your trip!!!!


  5. Stopping by from Lauren's H54F :) Isn't Target the best?! How exciting that you have a trip coming up!! ... Just seeing the words "Mexican food" on that sign made my tummy grumble! lol. Sounds like you enjoyed a terrific week!
    Have a fabulous weekend :*)


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