I Thought Yesterday Was Friday

It's true.  I had my High Five for Friday post all typed and I was just about to hit publish when I realized something.

It was Thursday. Not Friday.

See this is what happens when you work for two days and then have two days and then work for two days and have two days off.  Your days get totally thrown off.

In fact the cycle continues this weekend and next week too! Woo hoo!

So, it's been pretty quite on the blog this week and as always there is a reason for that.

My apartment is infested with fleas. GROSS, I know.  I have been working my ass off trying to get ride of them.  And tomorrow I'm bombing the apartment and today I'm getting Advantage for my poor Sadie.  Tune in Monday because I will be venting ALL of my frustrations on this situation then. FML

So on to the meat of today.  It's Friday!!  So that means I'm linking up with Lauren for H54F!

1. We watched The Oscars on Sunday.  It was simply delightful if you ask me!  Favorite moments?
-Seth McFarlane singing "We Saw Your Boobs"
-Les Miserable cast singing Suddenly
-Jennifer Lawrence winning Best Actress and her hilarious after show interview
-Argo winning Best Picture

I printed out Oscar ballots so we could follow along as the show went! :)

2. While at Epcot on Saturday, we FaceTimed with Suzanne (who will be here for a whole month starting tomorrow!)  I felt very Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century while we were doing it.  Please tell me y'all remember that movie!  Zetus Lapetus!

3.  Spring is popping up all over the Disney Parks! And I don't hate it!

4.  Jordan made the yummiest dinner on Wednesday night!

5.  I went to Francesca's and spent too much money.  Shocking I know. But totally worth it! :)  If my entire wardrobe could be from this store.  It would be.

Hope y'all each had a fantastic week!

 My weekend will consist of:  more flea cleaning, having a blast with Suzanne, and a Strawberry Festival.  I know.....my life is so hard.  :)

Also welcome to my birthday month! :) In just 18 days I will officially be a quarter of century old.  Scary thought!


  1. 1. YAYYYY birthday month!
    2. YAAAAY for hanging out this weekend :)
    3. Boots had BAD fleas when I was in my other apartment. My mom (she's a cat whisperer I swear) helped me get id of them so let me know if you need help!


  2. WOOOO yay birthday!!!!

    Zenon... girl that was my JAMMMM.

    Looks like you had a blast despite the fleas (cant wait to hear that story!)


  3. It makes me happy to see that someone else loved the Boobs song! So many people were offended, and I was just like, "Boobies!"


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