A Festival of Strawberries

Sunday afternoon was spent wandering around the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL.

The festival itself has been around since the 1920s and boy is it fun.  Two of my best friends and I met  up with Jessica for an afternoon of carni rides and carni food.

I'll be honest, the majority of our time was spent stuffing out faces with food.

 I personally consumed chips, a corn dog, 2 glasses of sweet tea, a chocolate covered strawberry, split a strawberry tart, and even had chocolate dip't bacon.  (It was good until about an hour later when my stomach said WTF did you eat lady!)

Click over to Jessica's blog to see a hilarious video of her proving she ate the chocolate dip't bacon. I fed it to her y'all.  We've reached a whole new level of friendship because of it!

It was also freezing cold that day. The wind was blowing and in the shade it felt like we were visiting Antarctica and not Florida.  We all showed up in jeans, boots, scarfs, and jackets.

Jessica and I didn't care though.  We wanted to ride a ride.  Especially after I found out that in all the years she's been coming to the Strawberry Festival, Jessica has NEVER ridden one of the rides.  So we picked the one that we could see while we were pigging out on food.

We could see the entire fair grounds from the ride.  It was freezing but totally worth it! :)

We had intended to stay and watch Alan Jackson, but came to our senses when we realized just how cold it was going to be that night.   Oh and as an added bonus they were handing out cases of strawberry greek yogurt!  We each went home with 2 cases!  My fridge and freezer are currently overflowing with it!

Overall it was a delightful day.  One that I fully intend to repeat next year!


    I honestly think my stomach is just now recovering.
    BUT I'm totally eating it again next year.


  2. what a fun festival. i absolutely love carnival food. mine stomach doesn't but my little taste buds can't get enough.


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