High 5 for Friday

This week was insane.  
Especially the beginning of the week since I work at place that turns into an all out PAR-TAY on NYE!
That's right people, if you want a G-rated NYE you go to Magic Kingdom.  If you want a PG, PG-13 and dare I say it sometimes even an R-rated NYE you hit up Epcot.
I think I head Gangnam Style about 30 times before the night was over.  And the adult beverages were flowing quite nicely.  The two combined created quite an interesting effect to bear witness too.
Of course I didn't get to experience it as a guest, but as a Cast Member.  
Which was interesting to say the least.  
But yes, I did ring in the new year working.  Luckily I had some fun peeps to help me do it.
The rest of the week passed fairly smoothly and things have returned to normal for us here in Florida.
My top 5 from the week were as follows.

1. Ringing in the New Year!  2013 you're looking pretty good so far!
2. The Christmas present from Santa finally arrived and I am OBSESSED.  It's a Michael Kors wristlet that has a place for my IPhone and few spots for cards.  
Again I'm obsessed.
3.  Christmas present from my bestie Suzanne finally got here too!
She made me a video of pictures celebrating our friendship.
4. This little lady will always be one of my highlights.
She insists on laying directing across my chest as often as she can.
5.  On Wednesday some peeps from work and I had a Mean Girls watch party. 
Complete with Taco Bell, cheese fries, and Toasters Strudel.
And obviously since it was Wednesday....we wore pink.
Have a great weekend friends!


  1. SO MUCH FUN! Glad you got to have a little fun on NYE! I LOVEEEEE your new Michael so posh (like the spice girl)
    Happy weekend to you and your little lady!!

  2. LOVEEEE the Mean Girls party...that movie never gets old!

    And that clutch...gorgeous.

    Happy weekend, girl :)


  3. Umm...That NYE party (in both parks) sounds magical!! I need to put that on my bucket list. Heck, I need to just put Disney on my bucket list since I've never been!

    Glad you had a great week! :)

  4. Just stopping by from #H54F. I love Mean Girls too- it never gets old. A little reminder from before Lindsey Lohan went bonkers. lol.

  5. hi sweetie, love your blog! great post

    how about following each other? would love to see you over :)


  6. oh those MK wristlets are the best!


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