Hello 2013!

I've always loved New Years Day.
It's the first day of a new year with absolutely no mistakes in it. 
Well no mistakes in it yet! :)
It's our chance to make changes, grow, try new things, create goals, and dream of how we are going to make this our best year EVER!
I'm really looking forward to 2013.  And each year I try and make resolutions.  But you know what?
I'm done with resolutions.
Here's the definition of resolution:
A firm decision to do or not to do something.
I don't want to put restrictions on myself like that.  I don't want to make myself do or not do something.
So instead I've created a few goals.
This way if I reach the goal, HORRAY! 
If not, then I always have plenty of time to reach that goal later.  You know, make it a long term goal! :)
So here are my GOALs for 2013:
-Start working out at least twice a week
-Drink more water
-Start eating healthier, no more frozen chicken nuggets
-Own all of Leonardo Dicaprio's movies
-Stick to a budget
-Go on another cruise
-Buy a car (this one will be my most challenging goal!)
-Read more classic novels 
-Continue to grow with Disney
-Develop my blog more.
Now this is my "First day of a new year" goal list.  
But I plan to add to this list all year round and hopefully at the same time I'm adding to the list, I'm crossing things off my list too.

One of my best friends out this on her blog.
So I'm stealing it because I love it and I love her! 
Hope your first day of 2013 is great! 


  1. New to your blog :)

    Love all your goals, working out is a big one of mine!!
    Happy New Year!!

  2. I need to make a budget too...yikes! Haha!
    And I love that you use the word goal rather than resolution...I'm not a resolution person!

    Love you, girl!


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