Disney is Coming to the Blog

As most of you know I work for Disney.
But I don't share very much about work on the blog.  I've really only shared about getting the job itself.  
And since one of my goals is to be a better blogger, I've decided to create two new series that center around one of my favorite places in the world!
You guessed it.

The first is going to center around the job itself.
You'll get to read about guests that I encounter, moments at work, new opportunities, and anything else that happens at work.
This wont be a weekly series but you will see it pop up several times a month! 
I'm going to call it, Mad About Plaid. 
I used this title a couple of times in 2011, but it kinda fell off the map. So it's back and better then ever!
The second is going to be a Disney How To.
I know there are tons of books and websites that are dedicated to this, but I want to give an insiders look into how to do a Disney Vacation the right way.
I'll be sharing tips on getting through the day, I'll give a run down of each park, tips on using fastpasses,   when the best times to visit Disney are, etc.  
It'll be a weekly post and my hope is that it will be a great reference to all you lovelies who may be thinking about taking a Disney vacation!
I'm really looking forward to sharing more about Disney with y'all.
It will give me a chance to show why I love it so much!
Now I'm off to get my Wednesday started!


  1. eeeeee EXCITING!
    Cant wait to read it all!

  2. Oh fun! I had no idea you worked for Disney! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. so so so so amazing, I can't wait!
    My family is working on planning our next Disney trip and I look forward to hearing about your insider's suggestions!

  4. So excited to read these series!! Happy New Year!


  5. Your blog is adorable!
    So excited to be following along. And it seems like I'm right in time for some Disney fun! Truly is the most magical place on Earth (:


  6. I just started reading your blog...and I heart it! I'm super excited to hear about your insider stories about working a Disney and the tips you have to share! I'm going to WDW for the first time in November to run the Wine and Dine Half! Looking forward to all you have to share!!


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