Getting Back the Magic

Like I mentioned a few posts ago I've lost some of my Disney magic.

Working at a theme park is exhausting sometimes.  Especially when the job you do is customer service.
Or Guest Relations as we at Disney call it.

When people go on vacation I'm pretty sure 90% of them leave their brains at home.
Which is fine....most of the time.

The thing is, I tend to forget that people save for YEARS to come to Disney. 
And for most, this will be the one and only time they get to come to the Happiest Place on Earth.
So they want this trip to be the best trip ever.

(Still sometimes you want to punch people in the nose)

Anyway, I realized I needed a day to remind myself why I love working for Disney.

I needed a Disney Day!

So my friend Jordan and I had one last Thursday.

Here was our day through Instagram!

1. We had a yummy breakfast at the Kona Cafe which is at the Polynesian hotel.

2. We met tons of Disney Characters (mostly princesses!).

3. We ate lunch at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the New Fantasyland! 
(which was a total magical moment!)

4. We went on Dumbo.

5. We got to enjoy Christmas time at Disney!
(Christmas decorations were up by Nov 2.  Kinda early but I love it anyway!)

Y'all Christmas at Disney is the absolute BEST!
(And yes it was cool enough to wear jeans, books, and a sweater in Florida!)

The day was so fun and best of all?!

 I've got all my Disney Magic Back!



  1. A. YES we are meeting!!
    B. I am so freaking pumped to come at christmassssss!!!! and meet YOU!
    C. Yes my bro does go to Tx. St!

  2. My boyfriend and I are for real going to Disney World this weekend, and your post has successfully managed to put me in a Disney mood and a Christmas mood.

    I have some friends who have done internships at Disney, so I get the whole "losing magic" thing. We will try to be nice laid back vacationers though. Hopefully no one will want to punch us in the nose :)

  3. Reading your blog makes me want to plan a trip to Disney! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Looks like the best day ever! I can't wait to plan a trip back to Disney!


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