A Little Funny For Your Monday

Well it's Monday.
(Actually it's Friday! woo hoo!)

I get spend my days off going shoe shopping for my cousin's bridesmaid dress.
Anyone know where I can find a cute, inexpensive pair of of Grey heals?
I've found some Nina's that I love but they're like 80 bucks. 
But if I can't find any others, those will be the ones.

Alrighty so on Saturday night my roommate Will, his girlfriend, and I watched some pretty hilarious videos via everyone favorite video site.  

First up is actually a commercial, that cracks me up EVERY TIME I see it!

Then we have the most awkward moment on Wheel of Fortune EVER.
Seriously, this guy should never show his face in public again.

And finally the funniest moment on Family Feud I've ever seen.

Hope those made your Monday a little brighter! :)

Have a great day friends! 



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