Oh How Pinteresting

Oh Wednesday how are you here already?

 Not that I'm complaining cuz it's my day off!  Woo HOO!  Said day off will include: waking up early (even though I can sleep in), drinking a cup of coffee while I peruse Facebook and blogs, and then hanging out with Suz doing who knows what.  That's the beauty of a day off right!

Anywho, it is Wednesday which means it's time for:

Here are my favorite pins from this week:

Yet another outfit that I wish would magically appear in my closet.

Along with these bracelets.

Fun chair with fun pops of color.

Good to remember.

This would look perfect in my room with my new bed frame!
Might have to get crafty today.

Yes it is.

This has been a problem for me for YEARS!


And one more.
The shorts and sandals are my favorite.

I don't think I will ever get tired of Pinterest.  Seriously it's amazing. 



  1. I have that nerd girl problem. I will wear the title of "nerd" with pride.

  2. I'm another nerd! I may or may not have stayed up nearly all night with a book or two... And I love Pinterest so much! i spend way too much time on there.


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