It's Wednesday!

Yesterday was my first official day of training at the Epcot Guest Relations Window.
What does this mean for all you non-Disney kids?

Well for starters, it means I'm moving into the major leagues of Guest Relations!
Which is definitely a good thing.
It also means I will learn everything I probably never wanted to know about how Disney tickets are sold, redeemed, altered (either by us or by someone else), and everything else under the sun.

The Window is a whole other ball game.  So I might even have to start a deal where I post about all the crazy ass people I'm bound to encounter! 
Because the window is where you really get all the crazies that come to Disney.
From today alone my brain is 2 times bigger than before I started training. And it's only been 1 day!
It will be entertaining to say the least.
Any way, today is Wednesday.

And Wednesday means it's one day closer to Saturday, which means it's one day closer to my happy little booty being back in Texas! 

Wednesday also means it's time to show off all my favorites from Pinterest this week:

Here we go:

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Here is a little eye candy for you on this lovely Wednesday.
You're welcome.

Side note: I am currently OBSESSED with Matt Bomer.
I honestly don't think it healthy how obsessed I am.
I mean look at this man. 
(he's also gay)
Which is a travesty if you ask me.

But it's ok to look and dream right!?

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I died laughing at the pink card about cramps. It's so true!

    I also laughed out loud at the "Muggle Born" onesie...Too cute!

    Happy Wednesday :)

  2. Kitten ring and matthew bomber! amazing! no there is nothing wrong with looking he is amazing! lol did you see magic mike? sucky movie but beautiful men ;)


  3. I love that quote from Kate Spade, it's true! And I really want to try those painted jars, it just might turn into my project for this weekend.

  4. that reading quote is so true! i am in love!

    Stop by and say hello at!

    have a great day!


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