High Five For Friday

It's Friday!

 I am in awe of how quickly this month is flying by.  One week from tomorrow I will be flying my happy little booty back to the great state of TEXAS!  For ONE WHOLE WEEK!

I am beyond excited.  I will be relaxing at home, I'll get to see my kitty's, my best friends, hanging with the parental and the little brother, and of course eating at all of my favorite restaurants! Have no fear though, I will continue my awesome streak of posting regularly.

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So I think it's ok to talk about on the blog, since I'm pretty sure no one I work with reads this thing, so I'm happy to announce that I have been offered a Full Time TA until November 8th in Guest Relations!
Now I'm sure more of you are thinking, what the heck does that mean?  Well it means that until November 8th I will be considered a Full Time Cast Member!  So I'll be able to accrue sick time, vacation time, I'll get holiday pay, and of course I'm guaranteed 40 hours a week.  This is a HUGE step towards getting an official Full Time status within Guest Relations! So YAY! 

Sunday, we celebrated the 7th of July!  We had a mini YES Intern reunion and roasted some hot dogs, ate some yummy taco salad, had a mini jam session (with a guitar and a piano), and of course played with sparklers! And fun was had by all! :)

I officially became a big girl at work.  I finally purchased my very own lunch box!  I used to be super ghetto and carry my lunch in a plastic bag (usually one from Target so I suppose that somewhat redeems me).  Now I am part of the cool kids/grown up club and carry this little beauty. (I actually am dying for a Vera Bradley lunch box, but this will do for now).

The other night, I got to see my very first Disney College Program friend.  I met Jessica at a Disney Entertainment audition in November of 2007.  We then went on to be roommates (we shared a tiny room and closet) during our first College Program.  Now we both work in Guest Relations!  She's at Magic Kingdom and I'm at Epcot.  We have come a really long way since 2007! :)

I GOT BANGS!!!!!!!   ("My hair is so now!" Can anyone name the movie that line is from?)
Yep, yesterday Suz and I were walking through the mall and just decided to go for it!  We got them cut at the same time and both love them!  I was worried that I might look too "little girlish" but I think they add a little somethin somethin.  We'll see how I feel in a few weeks! :)

Pretty good week if ya ask me! :) 

Now I'm off to watch the latest episode of Dance Moms and fall asleep!  Hope y'all all have a fantabulous weekend! 



  1. I think your bangs looks so cute :)
    Definitely not little girlish!

    Your #3 makes me want to buy a cuter lunchbox...mine is super tacky looking lol

    ANDD YAY for your full time until November job! That's so awesome!

    Have a wonderful weekend, girl!

  2. You're so cute!

    Congrats on your next step in your Disney career!! YAY YOU!!!

    (ps look at stein mart for discount VB lunchboxes)


  3. Your bangs look great.

    I'm still not one of the cool kids. I like to use random plastic bags. Currently a Popcornopolis bag. The funny thing is I own an awesome Hello Kitty lunch bag. I just can't be bothered to use it.

  4. (stopping by from H54F - love your blog) I have heard about the Disney program and it sounds so cool! Super jealous you got to do it!!


  5. Love the bangs!! You look adorable!! And congrats on being full time through November! That's exciting!!

  6. i bring my own lunch to work too. it's really difficult to always buy lunch outside. it empties out my pockets. LOL. your bangs look great on you! :)

    i found you in h54f and followed you via GFC.


  7. Your bangs look super cute, and I love that lunch box! I always feel more grown up carrying a lunch box. :)

  8. I love the bangs, they look great on you. I wish I could pull off bangs like that. And your lunchbox is fabulous! I got my first "grownup" lunchbox this summer too :)


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