High Five For Monday

It's Monday!

No seriously, it's my Monday.  

My weekends are Wednesdays and Thursdays, therefore, in my world Tuesdays are Friday and Fridays are Monday.

Confused yet?

Well don't worry, I'm gonna stick with Friday being Friday like the rest of the world and link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for:


We had a family dinner on Tuesday night.   
With Parmesan chicken pasta, a yummy salad, and Dump Cake for dessert.  What's Dump Cake?  You'll find out soon!


I survived my very first Tropical Storm (Thanks, Debby!). 
 Seriously we didn't see the sun for like 5 days.
Oh and my car has a leak somewhere underneath the passengers side, so my floor board is soaking wet and it doesn't smell to pleasant.  
I need a new car (like yesterday).

My cousin posted an old picture of the two of us.  So I asked her send it to me.
She ended up sending me two.  
And since I've never showed y'all any pictures of me as a little girl.
Today's your lucky day.
(It's also inspired a new idea for a post!)

That's my brother, my cousin Jordyn, and ME. :)

And here we have me, Jordyn, my sweet Grandmother, and my cousin Amanda. (Who's getting married in July!)

Painted my nails my favorite nail color.
It's just so classy and fabulous.

Yesterday I tried out a new hair style.
I got the style from one of my favorite bloggers.  I'm sure you all have stumbled across her blog before.
I'm talking about Kate from The Small Things Blog.
She has such great style and of course hair!
I've watched all her hair tutorials and finally decided to try my hand at one.
This was the result:

It's called The Braided Back.

Not exactly what hers looks like but hey I tried!  :)
Thanks Kate! :)

Well I hope y'all have a great Friday while I go out and have a great Monday! :)


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  1. GIRL!
    Your hair looks SO good in #5!
    Makes me want me hair to be long already!
    Not that I'd be able to do that style...lol

    Love the pictures of you as a kid...too cute :)

    Happy Friday or Monday or whatever day it is for you!



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