High 5 for Friday

Friday, where the heck did you come from?
It kinda snuck up on me.
But I'm not sad you're here.

In fact I'm excited because that means it's time for:


Woo Hoo!

So here are my tops 5s from the week:


I started a different photo challenge this week!
Several of my blog friends are doing it too.
Here are my first 3 days worth of pictures.
(I'm adding this challenge to my picture a day challenge, that I have stopped showcasing on the blog. sawry!)

Day 1: Peace

Day 2: skyline

Day 3: something I wore
This is actually what I wear to work everyday.
Pretty Glamorous, huh!?

Todays photo is: Fun!  
Hopefully something fun pops up !

Wednesday, I went to Casting.
Good news:  I know I will have a job come June 10th.
Bad news: I'm still not sure what said job will be.
I am on a waiting list to work at either the Concierge or Front Desk at one of our Deluxe hotels.
But I have no idea how long it's going to take to get me off the wait list.
But I am still seeing this as a good thing from the week because at least I know I'll have job! 


Yesterday I got stopped for gas and saw this:

I haven't seen gas this low in AGES! :)
Sadly it's not as low anyone would like I'm sure.

It hasn't happened yet, but since I know it will this weekend I'm gonna go ahead and say it's a highlight!
I seriously cannot wait to see this movie:

Source: imdb.com via Cam on Pinterest
Source: imdb.com via Cam on Pinterest

I would have gone to the midnight premier, but I'm a old lady and was in bed by 10:30.
In my defense, I have to be up at 5:00am this morning.
You'd skip it too! 

8 days and I will be looking at this:

Hope y'all have had a great week as well! 




  1. AHHH your cruise is getting SO CLOSE!
    8 days?!

    And yay for you having a job lined up :)
    Can't wait to hear what it's going to be!

    HAPPY WEEKEND, girl :)))


  2. I've heard about the photo-a-day challenges, but I missed the boat on the May one... Maybe next month. And that's such a great price for gas -- I hate that I think that, but it's true right now! :)

  3. Ahhhh, that is going to be one amazing vacation!!! And seriously, remember when gas was like $3?! Ugh!

  4. I'm so excited to be your newest follower and see what kinds of things you post!

    Head over to tristanlynae.blogspot.com and introduce yourself too!


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